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Surname Cartledge - Meaning and Origin

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Cartledge: What does the surname Cartledge mean?

The last name Cartledge is derived from the Old English words “cart” and “laed” which when combined mean “a cart or wagon wheel track”. It is most likely an occupational surname, as Cartledges were probably involved in the transportation industry. This likely means that the Cartledge family had a long history of wheelwrights, carters, cart drivers, or any other career that involved the use of carts.

The name is most probably derived from a place name, as several villages in England are also so-named. Initially the name likely denoted a person who lived at such a place, or perhaps even denoted someone who was associated with the occupation of carting. The surname is also commonly found in France, where it is spelled “cartlège”, and in Germany, where it is spelled “Karthlage”.

Aside from being an occupational last name, Cartledge also carries some interesting historical connotations. During the middle ages, the surname was used to describe a person who was a “carrier” or “costermonger”-someone who bought and sold goods. It is also the name of an ancient Anglo-Saxon king – Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons, was known as “Caer Lael” in the 8th century AD.

All in all, the last name Cartledge carries a long and interesting history of occupations, connotations, and people throughout history. It is a versatile and multi-faceted name that has spanned centuries and time zones, and has been incorporated into the last names of many people around the world.

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Cartledge: Where does the name Cartledge come from?

The last name Cartledge is most commonly found in England. It is a surname thought to have derived from a 14th century English town of the same name. Cartledge is a variation of the name Craytledge, which is believed to have been an alteration of the Old English words craeg meaning hill, and læce meaning slope or stream.

Cartledge appears to be most concentrated in the northeast of England. According to Census data from the year 2011, Cleveland in North Yorkshire had the greatest occurrences of the name, with Stockton-on-Tees nearby also having a slightly higher-than-average number of people bearing the surname.

The counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and Staffordshire also had a slightly higher number of people with the last name Cartledge, as did the county of West Yorkshire which neighbored Northeast Yorkshire.

Cartledge is also a prominent name in Scotland. For instance, the city of Glasgow near the River Clyde in Central Scotland has a higher percentage of people with the Cartledge last name than the national average, and several surrounding towns within a 40 mile radius also show significantly higher occurrences of the name.

Outside of the United Kingdom, the last name Cartledge is not particularly common. In the United States it is most prominent in the southern states, likely due to English settlers who first established colonies in that region. In Canada, the name has a moderate level of prevalence throughout the country.

Variations of the surname Cartledge

The Cartledge surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of similar origin. At its core, the Cartledge surname derives from the Olde English word crad, meaning stony, rocky, or hard ground.

Variations of the Cartledge surname include Cattlidge, Cadledge, Catledge, Cattlesdidge, Cardldge, Cathelge, Cattyledge, Cat.lee, Catleg, Cartlugh, Cartladge, Cardiliege, and Cadalugge. Furthermore, variants of the Cartledge name include two distinguishable branches: *The Gylney branch, which is derived from an estate, and the Catlegg branch, which could be derived from a settlement in Gloucestershire.

Some other surnames which tend to be tied to the Cartledge surname include Cadle, Carnel, Carlsdidge, Catlin, Caldecott, Chelleg, Chorl, and Cload.

Ultimately, the variations of the Cartledge name can be traced back to two distinct lines, the Gylney and Catlegg branches. Variation in spelling from one branch to the other can also be seen, with some forms of the name becoming Anglicized from the original Olde English crad to the more modern spelling of Cartledge. Furthermore, other surnames of similar origin can be found, with these names being either close to or having diverged from the original spelling of the Cartledge name.

Famous people with the name Cartledge

  • Sandra Cartledge: a Welsh actress known for appearing in productions such as Game of Thrones, Casualty, Stella, and Doctors.
  • Gareth Cartledge: a Welsh actor and producer who has been featured in many feature and TV films, including London Has Fallen, Hunted, and Escape Plan 3: The Extractors.
  • Gary Cartledge: an English footballer who has played for a number of clubs, including Wrexham, Barnet, Boston United, and Yeovil Town.
  • James Cartledge: a screenwriter and director known for A Priest in the Family, Scarlett, and The House on Carter Road.
  • Peter Cartledge: a British journalist and artist whose publications have appeared in The Guardian, The Observer, and The Spectator.
  • Wally Cartledge: a former professional racing driver from England who raced in the British Touring Car Championship.
  • Paul Cartledge: a British professor of Greek culture and a renowned author of several books on antiquity, such as Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World and Democracy: A Life.
  • Peter Cartledge Jr.: an English composer known for his film scores, including The Wicker Tree and Scottish Mussel.
  • Joe Cartledge: a former professional rugby player who represented England, Gloucester, and Worcester Warriors.
  • Ralph Cartledge: an Australian cricketer who played for New South Wales and Central Districts.

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