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Surname Caucasus - Meaning and Origin

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Caucasus: What does the surname Caucasus mean?

The last name Caucasus is derived from the region of the same name. Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus region has been a crossroads of Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Historically, the region was home to various ancient cultures, and has been a cultural melting pot for just as long. The region is characterized by its incredible diversity, with more than 50 distinct ethnicities and languages, including Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, and many more.

The origin of the last name Caucasus is unclear, however it is likely that it first emerged as a surname due to a person or family’s connection to the region. It could also be that it was given to a person or family who moved to the region. Another possibility is that it was adopted as a symbol of a person’s pride in being from the region.

The Latin form of the name is “Caucasia”, a term which was first used by the Greek historian Strabo in the first century AD. This would suggest that the last name has been around since at least this era. The name is a testament to the unique history and culture of the Caucasus region, as well as to the people and families who have called the region home over the years.

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Caucasus: Where does the name Caucasus come from?

The Caucasus region is one of the most historically and culturally unique regions in the world. It straddles several countries, including Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. As such, it is no surprise that the last name Caucasus is common in all of these countries today.

In Russia, Caucasians form one of the largest diasporas in the country. The North Caucasus region of Russia is home to many families with the surname Caucasus. This region includes the Republic of Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and North Ossetia, among others. In these areas, the last name is quite common.

In Georgia, census data from 2019 indicates that the last name Caucasus is the 15th most common, with over 6,000 people bearing the name. It is even more prevalent in some regions of the country, such as Adjara, Guria, and Abkhazia.

In Azerbaijan, the name is also quite common. It is one of the most popular surnames in the capital city of Baku, with hundreds of people bearing the name.

The name is also common in Armenia and Turkey, albeit with a little less prevalence. In these countries, Caucasians have a long history and a strong cultural presence.

In other parts of the world, the last name Caucasus is less common but still present. It is found most frequently in the United States, which is home to people of many different national and ethnic backgrounds. Here, the name is most common in the states of California, New York, and Texas.

Variations of the surname Caucasus

The Caucasus is the region located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and is known for its numerous ethnic groups and cultures. The name "Caucasus" derives from the ancient Greeks, who named it after the mythical mountain of the same name. As such, the variants, spellings, and surnames of Caucasus depend heavily on which culture is using the name.

In Greek mythology, the original name was Καύκασος or Kavkásos, which translates to ‘raven’ or ‘crow’ and gives rise to the English surname Cawkell. The Arabic name for the Caucasus region is القوقاز or Al-Qawqaz, which gives rise to the surname Al-Qawqazi.

In many Slavic languages, the name of the Caucasus region was adapted to their own phonetic system, resulting in spellings such as Kavkas, Kavkaz, or Kawkaz. This has given rise to various spellings of the name and to surnames such as Kowalski, Kavkazovic, and Kavkasov.

In other languages, such as Hebrew and Italian, the word Caucasus comes from secondary languages which have adapted the Greek name for the region. In Hebrew, the word for Caucasus is כוכבת or Kochavat, resulting in Hebrew surnames like Kochava and Kochavit. In Italian, the word is Caucaso, resulting in surnames such as Cauccio and Caucaso.

Finally, in South Slavic languages, the Caucasus region is referred to as Кавказ or Kavkaz. This derives into various South Slavic spellings such as Kačvaš or Kačavši, giving rise to surnames like Kacvaski, Kacvoski, and Kacvash.

No matter which language, the variations, spellings, and surnames of Caucasus all trace back to its ancient Greek roots, revealing a rich history of adaptation in an incredibly diverse region.

Famous people with the name Caucasus

  • Mathieu Caucasus: French songwriter and musician.
  • John Caucasus: American actor, best known for his role in the classic World War II film, The Longest Day.
  • Warren Caucasus: Late American actor who starred in the 1969 Western comedy classic, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  • Joe Caucasus: Professional basketball player from the United States who had a short stint in the NBA and now plays for a team in Japan.
  • David Caucasus: Olympic bronze medalist in freestyle wrestling from the United States.
  • Yuliana Caucasus: Olympic figure skater from Latvia who won a bronze medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics.
  • Chris Caucasus: American football player who was a four-time Pro Bowler and played for the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.
  • Robert Caucasus: Actor and martial artist who starred in the movie The Big Boss and was the founder of the martial art Taekwondo.
  • Mehran Caucasus: Iranian-born American entrepreneur and millionaire philanthropist.
  • Karak Caucasus: Malaysian-born Chinese singer and songwriter, best known for his hit songs in the Mandarin language.

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