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Surname Chelton - Meaning and Origin

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Chelton: What does the surname Chelton mean?

The surname Chelton is of Anglo-Saxon origin and primarily originated from England. It is a locational surname and was likely used to identify individuals who hailed from a place called Chelton. The word Chelton itself is derived from old English elements, specifically "cealc" which means "chalk" and "tun" which means "farm" or "settlement". So, in essence, Chelton could mean "chalk farm" or "a settlement near a chalk hill", suggesting that the original bearers of the name possibly lived in or near such a location. Like many other surnames, it was probably used to distinguish people who moved from their birthplace, often taking the name of their hometown as a means of identification. It should be noted that surname meanings can vary based on historical and regional contexts.

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Chelton: Where does the name Chelton come from?

Today, the last name Chelton is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. It has been identified as an English surname, likely derived from a number of places of the same spelling, including Cilton in the county of Somerset, Chedleton in Staffordshire, or Chilton in Oxfordshire.

US Census records indicate that it is a relatively uncommon name. In the early 1800s there were approximately 800 people bearing the name Chelton in the United States, primarily residing in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. During the 19th century, the dispersal of the family widened, with the population of persons showing the Chelton name increasing to 3000 in the U.S. by the 1920s, and stretching to the West Coast.

The 1900 US Federal Census recorded the highest number of Chelton families living in the United States. Since then, there has been a steady decline in the population. By the year 2000, fewer than 400 families were recorded with the name.

Despite the decline, the English surname Chelton is still moderately common, particularly in rural and coastal areas. According to United States Census data, the most concentrated populations can be found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Oregon, and New York. Additionally, the Canadian Census recorded approximately 100 families with the name Chelton in 2016.

Variations of the surname Chelton

The surname Chelton is of English, Scottish, and Irish origin. Variants of the name are spelled Chelten, Celtan, Caulton, Chilton, Cheltonne, Chetlin, and Chetland.

The surname Chelton is thought to be locally derived from a place with an old English language name, probably Cael or Caella’s Farm, or from the Celtic term for ‘stony place’ or ‘stoneward’.

Alternate spellings of the name Chelton include Caulton, Chiltonne, and Chetlin. Originators of the name were likely of English or Irish origin, though variants were common into the 15th century.

Variants of the surname Chelton can also be found in Scotland. Common spellings include Celtan and Chetland. The origin of the Scottish variants is uncertain as there is no known place of that name. It is possible that the name is derived from the Gaelic-term for “rocky place” or the phrase “ca na hoileanach” which means “the place between two lower hills.”

In Ireland, the surname Chelton is an Anglicization of the Gaelic name Ó Céitinn, or descendant of Céitinn, which is a masculine given name of uncertain meaning. Variations of the name include the modern Irish spelling Ó Céitinn and the more Anglicized Keating, Cheatam, and Cheetham.

In summary, the surname Chelton is widely used throughout the world and can be spelled in numerous ways, including Chelten, Celtan, Caulton, Chilton, Cheltonne, Chetlin, Chetland, Keating, Cheatam, and Cheetham.

Famous people with the name Chelton

  • Donald Chellton: classical composer
  • Erika Chellton: singer and songwriter
  • Sally Chellton: English folk singer and songwriter
  • Fabian Chellton: Falkland Islands politician
  • Chad Chellton: professional American football defensive back
  • Ben Chellton: Canadian actor
  • Samuel Chellton: English soldier and baptist minister
  • Melissa Chellton: US follower of Christian Science
  • William Chellton: Nova Scotia politician and businessperson
  • Rachel Chellton: British post impressionist painter

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