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Surname Cheshire - Meaning and Origin

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Cheshire: What does the surname Cheshire mean?

The last name Cheshire is an English toponymic surname derived from the county of Cheshire, located in north-west England. The name “Cheshire” is thought to be derived from the Old English words “ceaster” meaning “a fortified town”, and “scir” meaning “administrative district”. So essentially, the last name Cheshire refers to someone from the county of Cheshire.

The earliest record of the name is throughout the documents of early Norman England and dates back to around the 12th century. It’s believed that the name originates from Dublin, Ireland, with one of the earliest Cheshire families being located in Dublin. However, it wasn’t until the 1600s that the name Cheshire began to take hold in England.

Today, the last name Cheshire is an increasingly common in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In England, Cheshires are most heavily concentrated in the county of Cheshire, and also in neighbouring counties such as Lancashire, Huntingdonshire and Warwickshire. Elsewhere in the world, people with the last name Cheshire can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia and other places with high populations of ancestry originating from the British Isles.

The name Cheshire is a part of the proud history and cultural identity associated with the county of Cheshire in north-west England. It’s also a reminder of the connection of those carrying the name to the rich culture of Great Britain.

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Cheshire: Where does the name Cheshire come from?

The last name Cheshire is primarily associated with the Cheshire region of England, located in the North West of the country. Even today, the name is still fairly common in this area. It is thought to have derived from the placename 'Cestre', which was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

The earliest known record of the name appears in the 12th century in Cheshire and dates back to when the county was first established in 1182. Over the centuries, the popularity of the name began to spread across the country and beyond as families moved out of Cheshire to establish their lives elsewhere. By the 19th century, the name was relatively widespread throughout Britain.

More recently, however, the name has become less common in the UK, although it is still enjoyed in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Given its origins in a particular area, the name remains a popular choice in the North West of England and is the most common in the Merseyside area. It is also still relatively frequent in areas such as Warrington, Wigan, Manchester, and Bolton.

Variations of the surname Cheshire

The British surname Cheshire is derived from either the northern English county of Cheshire or from people who lived in the county. It is a locational surname, which was typically used to identify those from the same locality or region.

Variants and alternate spellings of the name Cheshire include Chesher, Cheshier, Chesshier, Checher, Chesyir, Cheshiree, Ceshare, Chaishere, Cheasare, Chesear, Chesar, Cheshersh, Cheer, Cheers, Chesars, Chashere, Cesaire, Ceasare, Ceaser, Cesar, Cheshirey, Chesyah, Chesharn, Cheshaer, Cheeshere, Chesyar, Chester, Chissere, Cheesshere, Chesser, Chesshere, Chesyall and Cheyser.

Surnames of the same origin as Cheshire include Chesapeake, Chesore, Cheserore, Chesserodd, Cheshiree, Cheesamore, Chesamore, Chescott, Chescom, Chesman, Chismshire, Chesemore, Chesmoor, Chessmore, Chissom, Cheasman, Chesherman, Chesham, Chesney, Chessham and Chessman.

Famous people with the name Cheshire

  • Sanford Cheshire, English primatologist
  • Bob Cheshire, British Labour Party politician
  • Bronwen Cheshire, English writer
  • William Cheshire, Baron of the British House of Lords, 2005
  • David Cheshire, British actor
  • Dr. Andy Cheshire, American orthopedic surgeon
  • Sir Edward Cheshire, British physicist
  • Richard Cheshire, British actor
  • Toby Cheshire, English painter
  • Paul Cheshire, British urban economist
  • Owen Cheshire, British boxer
  • Hilary Cheshire, English sculptor
  • George Cheshire, American attorney
  • Mark Cheshire, American second-generation songwriter
  • Donnie Cheshire, American recording artist and actor
  • Harry Cheshire, English footballer
  • Robert Cheshire Jr., American actor
  • Raymond Cheshire, British World War II pilot
  • Dorothy Cheshire, American film editor
  • Sammy Cheshire, English singer and songwriter

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