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Surname Chidgey - Meaning and Origin

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Chidgey: What does the surname Chidgey mean?

The origin and meaning of the surname Chidgey has been a matter of debate for years. Different theories have proposed numerous possible origins, although none of them are definitive.

The most popular theory suggests the name may have derived from the Middle English word “cigge”, meaning a small coin, suggesting that its originally holders may have have been money-minded.

However, some believe it could be derived from the Old English words “cicca” and “eig”, which denote a curve or bend of a stream - a resource which would have been essential for many people living in the Middle Ages.

The location of Chidgey may also offer a clue to the surname’s meaning. Located in Devon, near the River Culm, it is possible that its name could be derived from a combination of the old English words “culmand” and “eige”, meaning “stream bend”.

Additionally, some suggest that it could be associated with an old English word ‘ci'ge” meaning ‘at the junction of two

waters’, referring to the close proximity of the river Culm to the River Teign. With the latter, it is possible the surname could mean “at the bend of the Teign”.

Ultimately, the true origin and meaning of the surname Chidgey remains unknown. What is certain however, is that the surname has been passed down through the generations and still lives on today.

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Chidgey: Where does the name Chidgey come from?

The last name Chidgey is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in England. Records show it is concentrated mainly in the south of England, with a few scattered sightings in Wales and Northern Ireland as well.

Today, the Chidgey surname is still found in large concentrations in the counties of Hampshire and Somerset, although it can also be found in counties such as Devon, Surrey, Kent, and even as far away as Cornwall.

Tracing the history of the Chidgey surname reveals that it has its origin in Old English and was derived from the word 'cidige', which means 'little child', or 'boy'. This would suggest that the surname was originally given to a father's son as a term of endearment and was then passed down through succeeding generations, which explains why it has remained so prominent in the South of England.

The Chidgey surname is most commonly associated with Devon, where it is known as Chidgey-Dore. It is also known as Chidgell-Coombe in Somerset, and as Chidley in Kent. Although records suggest that it first appeared in England in the 11th century, the name has remained fairly common throughout the centuries. This suggests that it was very popular among certain families and was passed down from generation to generation, resulting in the concentration of the surname seen today.

In conclusion, the last name Chidgey is still commonly found in the south of England, particularly in the counties of Hampshire and Somerset, as well as Devon, Surrey, Kent, and Cornwall. Its origin goes back many centuries, indicating that it was well-liked among families who chose to keep the surname alive and continue to pass it on to succeeding generations until today.

Variations of the surname Chidgey

The surname Chidgey is derived from an ancient English nickname meaning "Young Cheddar". It has various spellings and variants such as Chidgy, Chidgie, Chidgley, Chidgeley, Chiddy, Chidey, Chidgxi, Chidex, and Chidzey. It is also sometimes contracted to Chid, Chidge, Chigger, or Chigg.

The most common variant of Chidgey is Chidgley and historically, this spelling has been used most frequently through the centuries. However, variants and spellings can vary greatly depending on the region and time period. For example, Chidgy is seen most commonly in the Midlands of England, while Chidgxi is more popular in Scotland and northern Ireland.

In Ireland, the oldest known variant of Chidgey is Mac Cheidig, which is often shortened to mac Chidey or Mac Chiddy. This variant is derived from the Gaelic meaning of the surname, which is derived from the Irish words “ciath” meaning “arrow”.

In the United States, the spelling of Chidgey is also often seen as Chidsey, Chidseye, Chidsie, or Chidsy. This spelling is usually derived from the Scottish/Irish variants, but sometimes is used by immigrant families who changed the spelling of their surname in order to better assimilate into their new country.

Overall, there is a great variety of surnames, spellings and variants derived from the surname Chidgey. All of these surnames, spellings and variants have the same origin and have been used and passed down through the generations.

Famous people with the name Chidgey

  • Alex Chidgey: British Paralympic swimmer
  • Jamaine Chidgey: New Zealand musician
  • Ella Chidgey: English actress
  • Trisha Chidgey: Canadian fashion designer
  • Joe Chidgey: Former Australian professional golfer
  • Jack Chidgey: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Emma Chidgey: English author
  • Katherine Chidgey: New Zealand novelist
  • Lily Chidgey: British professional ballerina
  • David Chidgey: British entrepreneur and philanthropist

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