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Surname Chuter - Meaning and Origin

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Chuter: What does the surname Chuter mean?

The surname Chuter is of English origin. It is an occupational name derived from the Middle English "chutere," meaning a maker of chutes; a chute being a spiraling or cylindrical container in which ore was collected during mining. It could also have referred to someone who made wool chutes used in the production of cloth.

The surname is most commonly found in the counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. It is most likely first found in Hampshire, where records of the surname date back to 1456. In like manner, a survey taken of Wiltshire in 1581 lists a branch of the Chuter family living in that county.

Early records state that the Chuter family is descended from Purshard Cheater, a Norman Lord who came to England following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. He is recorded as living in 1340, and around seventy years later, he acquired property in what is now Hampshire.

Today, the surname Chuter is still found in significant numbers in its areas of origin in the south of England. It is an uncommon name but still appears in records around the world, a testament to the travels of the surname bearer in the centuries since the Middle Ages.

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Chuter: Where does the name Chuter come from?

The surname Chuter is of English origin and is most commonly found in Berkshire and Wiltshire in southern England. It is also found in small numbers across other parts of the country.

Chuter is thought to have been derived from an early personal name, 'Chote', which may have been derived from a Middle English given name like Cho(d)e. It is also possible that Chuter had a Norse influence, deriving from 'kvistr', meaning 'twig'.

Today, the surname Chuter is still relatively common across the south of England. The biggest concentration can be found in the counties of Wiltshire and Berkshire, but is also found in small numbers across other parts of the U.K. and beyond.

Variations of the surname Chuter include Chuter, Chewter and Choater. Associated spellings include Chutrow, Chudrow and Cruise.

Most Chuters can trace their lineage back to the early days of medieval England. One of the earliest known bearers of the name was Robert Chotere, recorded in the Assize Rolls of Pembrokeshire in 1292.

Variations of the surname Chuter

Chuter is an English surname originating from the Old French word chutour, which referred to someone who made or sold hats and headpieces. Variations of this surname come from both England and Scotland. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include: Chatour, Chuter, Cheuter, Chitour, Chetours, Choteour, Chuter, Chotour, Chutors, Cheatours, and Chuters.

In England, the alternative spellings Chutors, Cheatours, and Chuters were commonly used. The surname Chatour and Chitour were more commonly used in Scotland, while the surname Choteour was used more in Canada.

The variants for the surname Chuters are incredibly diverse. The historical English variation Cheatours is also found in Scotland and North America, suggesting its origins were in England and Scotland during the irrigation of the early British Isles. Some of the more modern variations of the surname Chuters include Cheateaur and Chutour.

The variations typically have slight changes in spelling, but the meaning remains the same, referring to someone who produces or sells hats and headpieces. This surname is an example of how names change over time and with geographic boundaries. The origins of the Chuter surname illustrate a fascinating history of a once-common profession that has ultimately evolved from its original form.

Famous people with the name Chuter

  • Julia Chuter, an English psychologist and freelance writer specializing in mental health and wellbeing topics.
  • John Chuter, a British Paralympic athlete in wheelchair racing.
  • Charles Chuter, an English industrial designer.
  • Richard Chuter, an English barrister and county court judge.
  • Philip Chuter, a British actor, producer, director, and writer.
  • Robert Chuter, a British theoretical physicist.
  • Pat Chuter, an Irish professional golfer.
  • Stephen Chuter, an English actor who has starred in the television show “Absolutely Fabulous”.
  • Murial Chuter, an English actress and novelist. 10.Robyn Chuter, an Australian nutritionist and health educator.

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