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Surname Claeshen - Meaning and Origin

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Claeshen: What does the surname Claeshen mean?

The last name Claeshen can have multiple meanings and origins. It is a Dutch surname derived from the name "Niclaes" which is a form of the name Nicholas. Additionally, it could have originated as a patronymic surname based off of Claus which is a Dutch form of the name Nicholas.

Nicholas is a male given name with Greek origins and means “victory of the people”. It also serves as the name of the patron saint of children. The name Clara is the feminine form of the name Nicholas, and Claeshen could be a derivation of the feminine name.

It is also unclear where the -hen ending in Claeshen comes from. It could be a reference to a location or a description of qualities associated with the original bearer of the last name.

The last name Claeshen is still quite common in the Netherlands, particularly in areas near the North Sea. As immigration to other parts of the world increases, the name has spread to other countries as well.

Overall, the last name Claeshen has a long history rooted in multiple possible origins, both masculine and feminine. Its meaning and significance can depend on the origin and background of the individual and their family.

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Claeshen: Where does the name Claeshen come from?

The surname Claeshen is most commonly found throughout central and southern Europe. It is particularly prevalent in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, where it primarily originates from those of German or Dutch descent. Its earliest recorded presence was in Flanders in present day Belgium and northern France, where branches of the surname have since spread to the southern parts of both countries.

In Denmark, the surname Claeshen can be traced to the sixteenth century and the town of Malmø, where it later spread to the region surrounding Copenhagen. Furthermore, records show the Claeshen surname was also present in the areas of Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and Thuringia in what is now Germany.

There are also some records from the nineteenth century showing Claeshens in the United States, including one Johann Christoph Claesen from the Dutch Low Countries who immigrated to America prior to 1824. In modern times the surname continues to appear in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Germany. More recently, it has been seen in scattered locations across the United States, such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina and California, suggesting the continued global extended family of the Claeshens.

Variations of the surname Claeshen

The most common variations and alternate spellings of the surnames Claeshen, Claeshen, Clasen, Claesen, Claessen, Claesson, and Clesson are all derived from the nicknames for Nicholas. Historically, this name was primarily given to a son born on the feast day of Saint Nicholaus.

The Irish Gaelic form of the name is MacClaisin which means “son of Clark” or son of the clerk. The names Clark and Clerk are derived from the Latin word clericus, meaning “a man in holy orders.”

In England, the name is sometimes spelled Claesen and Claesham, derived from the Old English term “clæs,” meaning clay or clayey soil.

In Scotland, the name is Clayson, which is a corruption of the older name Cleison. This was derived from the Gaelic name Mac a’Ghlesan, meaning “son of the exile.”

The Scandinavian forms of the name Claeshen are Clason, Claesham, Claesen, and Claesson, which derives from the Scandinavian element “klase,” meaning “merchant.”

There are various other variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Claeshen including Cleasby, Cleason, Cleasen, and Clayson.

Famous people with the name Claeshen

  • Claude Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle: a French army officer and revolutionist, best known for writing the French national anthem.
  • Henry Claesen Coster: a Dutch artist who painted portraits and genre scenes.
  • George Claesen: a Hungarian-born and Kraków-educated goldsmith, jeweler, watchmaker and retail merchant who emigrated to Australia in 1853.
  • John Claesen: a colonial period and American Revolutionary War soldier in the Maryland militia, who served in two battles.
  • Tiberius Claesen: a Flemish artist notable for his portraits and still-life paintings.
  • Eli Claesen: a Dutch painter known for his exotic landscapes depicting Asian and tropical locations.
  • Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin: a French philosopher.
  • Christopher Claeshen: a Dutch-born artist, known primarily for his marine and landscape paintings.
  • Catherine Claes: a Flemish Baroque painter known for her gestural still life paintings.
  • Céleste Claesen: a Belgian artist, best known for her ceramics works.

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