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Surname Claespeter - Meaning and Origin

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Claespeter: What does the surname Claespeter mean?

The surname Claespeter is of German origin and traces its roots back to a name that means "rocky headland" or "sloping bank". This name likely derived from Old High German and was bestowed to a family who lived near a rocky headland or sloping bank. Alternatively, the name could have been derived from the word Claes, a given name of Dutch origin which means "son of Nicholas".

The German branch of the Claespeter family likely had noble roots, and many of them moved to places like the Netherlands, France, and Russia in the 18th century. Today, people with the Claespeter name are found in places throughout the world, having spread across Europe, North America, and even Australia.

The Claespeter name is an interesting mix of both German and Dutch heritage, and its origins can be traced back to the beautiful landscape of its homeland. With a generous past and a vibrant present, the Claespeter family continues to be a unique part of the global family tree.

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Claespeter: Where does the name Claespeter come from?

The last name Claespeter is quite rare and isn't easy to locate geographically. According to, a website that maps the geographic distribution of surnames, it is primarily found in the Netherlands and Germany.

In the Netherlands, most Claespeters are concentrated in the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Gelderland, primarily in the city of Nijmegen and in the town of Tilburg. In Germany, the surname is much less common, though there are a few regions where it is concentrated. These include the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, with small pockets of Claespeters found in Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt.

Though the surname Claespeter is not found in many other countries, it does appear to have Dutch colonial origins. The name appears in Suriname, a Dutch colony from 1650 to 1975, and in the Netherlands Antilles, a group of Caribbean islands partially owned by the Netherlands until 2010.

Ultimately, the last name Claespeter is unfamiliar to most people, but its origins can be traced to the Netherlands and Germany. Those with the surname tend to be concentrated primarily in these two regions with small pockets in surrounding areas.

Variations of the surname Claespeter

Claespeter is an uncommon surname of Dutch origin. It is a patronymic family name, derived from the given name Claes, which itself is a diminutive form of the name Nicholas. There are a few possible variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Claespeter.

One variant of the surname is Klas Peter, which results from the pronunciation of the original name. Another variant is Claspeter, which is a spelling of Claespeter that is more phonetically accurate.

Various other surnames derived from the given name of Nicholas are also considered to be of the same origin as Claespeter. These include Claessens, Claus, Claussen, Clauser, Klausen, Niels, Nieman, Nicolet, Claxton, and Clausner. Some of these surnames may have also evolved from other languages to develop different variants and spellings.

The name of Nicholas is derived from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning “victory of the people”. The name has been used in various forms in several cultures as a given and surname. This explains why there are so many different variants, spellings, and surnames with the same origin as Claespeter.

Famous people with the name Claespeter

  • Peter Claes: Belgian artist and sculptor who creates "Surrealistic Mannequins".
  • Kenneth Alexander Claes Petersen: Danish footballer who currently plays as a striker for Danish club AaB.
  • Stig Claes: Swedish actor and director primarily known for his roles in the television series Rederiet and Fortet.
  • Jacob Claes: Belgian-born Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the Jacob Claes Foundation.
  • Tom Claes: Belgian actor who starred in the series Tabula Rasa and Phil.
  • Geffen Claes: Dutch figure skater who won several Dutch and international titles as a single skater.
  • Cris Claes: Belgian racing cyclist whose biggest wins include the Ronde van Vlaanderen and Liège–Bastogne–Liège in 1980.
  • Hans Christian Claes: Norwegian painter and graphic artist who was a part of the Young emigration from Norway to America in 1837.
  • Joop Claes: Dutch sailor and Olympic medalist who competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.
  • August Claes: Flemish sculptor especially known for his public sculptures in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

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