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Surname Colson - Meaning and Origin

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Y. Colson

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Colson: What does the surname Colson mean?

The surname Colson is of English origin and is derived from a personal name. It is a patronymic surname, meaning that it was often given to a son in honor of his father. The name Colson essentially translates to "son of Cole." The root name, Cole, is a Middle English given name, which is itself derived from the Old English name "Cola," meaning "coal" or "black," often given to someone who was dark-skinned or dark-haired. Therefore, the name Colson carries the meaning "son of the dark one" or "son of the black one." This common practice of passing on the father’s name to the son through the surname was prevalent in medieval England and is reflected in many surnames today.

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Colson: Where does the name Colson come from?

The surname Colson is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the personal name Nicholas which in turn comes from the Greek "Nikolaos," meaning "victory-people." In variant forms, it transformed into Col, a shortened form of Nicholas, and the suffix "-son" indicating "son of", thus "Colson" means "son of Col."

The Colson family lived in Lancashire, England before the Norman conquest of 1066. It's very likely that they moved to the North of England from Normandy beside William the Conqueror.

Today, the surname Colson is common in the United States, Canada, England, and to a lesser extent, Australia and New Zealand. There are also families with this surname present in France, though it appears less frequently. The widespread nature of this surname today implies a broad and scattered diaspora from its original geographical stronghold in the British Isles. It isn't uncommon for a surname originating from a heavily populated part of England to spread far and wide, hence why Colson is now considered a common global surname.

Variations of the surname Colson

The surname Colson is believed to be of English origin and its spelling variations include Collson, Collinson, Collisone, Colison, Colisone, Coulson, Coulsone, Cole's son, and Colleson. There are several other surnames that are thought to have the same origins as "Colson". These include the surnames Colston, Coleston, Colstone, and Colliston.

It is a patronymic surname, derived from the personal name Cole, which is a short form of Nicholas. With the addition of the Middle English term “son”, it signifies “son of Cole.” Which means, the original bearer of the surname was identified as the "son of Cole", a common method of surname creation during the Middle Ages.

Note: Understanding the variants of a name could involve a grand scale of research especially across different cultures, regions, periods and interpretations.

Famous people with the name Colson

  • Charles Colson: An influential evangelical Christian leader, author, and founder of Prison Fellowship, who served as Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon before being imprisoned for Watergate-related charges.
  • Stephen Colson: A renowned jazz musician and composer.
  • Art Colson: An American basketball player known for playing in the National Basketball League for the Sheboygan Red Skins.
  • Richard Colson Baker: Commonly known as Machine Gun Kelly or MGK, he is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and actor.
  • Hannah Colson: An English athlete specializing in the 800 metre distance run. She represented Great Britain in the 2011 European Athletics U23 Championships.
  • Katie Colson: She is an American rower who won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Scott Colson: An American author popular for his works in children's literature.
  • Jim Colson: A notable public figure who served as the City Manager in Topeka, Kansas.
  • Christian Colson: A British film producer known for winning the Academy Award for Best Picture for "Slumdog Millionaire" in 2009.
  • Chuck Colson: A pseudonym for Charles Colson, often used in his written works.

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