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Surname Cooihan - Meaning and Origin

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Cooihan: What does the surname Cooihan mean?

The last name Cooihan is not prevalent and does not yield results in common surname databases, suggesting it may be rare, misspelled, or a variation of another surname. It might be of Irish origin, inferred from the 'han' ending which is common in Irish surnames, like Monahan or Callaghan. Many Irish surnames were anglicized, resulting in various spellings. A potential variant might be "Coughan", a name derived from the Gaelic name 'Ó Cocháin' meaning 'descendent of Cochán'. Cochán is a diminutive of the Gaelic word 'coch' meaning 'red', often used to describe a person with red hair. However, without concrete resources, this is purely speculative. To discover the true origin and meaning of the name Cooihan, further genealogical research would need to be conducted.

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Cooihan: Where does the name Cooihan come from?

The surname Cooihan does not seem to be recognized in any major census or genealogical databases, suggesting it could be either extremely rare or possibly misspelled. It might be a variation of some Irish surnames such as "Cohan", "Cohane", "Coonan", or "Coughan". These surnames often have origins from Gaelic surnames like Ó Catháin or Ó Cuanáin meaning "descendant of Cathán (warrior)" and "descendant of Cuan (little wolf /hound)" respectively.

As this name is very uncommon, there are no specific regions it is particularly associated with today. If it is indeed a variant of the aforementioned Irish surnames, people bearing these similar names can be found in Ireland. Also, due to the global Irish diaspora over centuries, descendants can be found in many other countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

But as it specifically stands for Cooihan, more concrete information might be gathered from personal or family records or through professional genealogical services. It's always fascinating to uncover a family's unique history.

Variations of the surname Cooihan

The surname Cooihan seems to be rare and untraceable in terms of its origin. It doesn't appear to be associated with any documented surname history, major ancestry, or any significant population. It is also not linked to any obvious geographical region. However, considering likely misspellings or phonetic similarities might offer possible interpretations or connections.

Variations could include Cohan, Cohen, Cowhan, Cohane, or Cowan. Cohan and Cohen are of Jewish origin, while Cowan is of Scottish and Irish origin. If Cooihan is of Irish origin, similar surnames could be Cohoon or Coogan.

Another theory could be that the surname is a variant spelling of Kuhnen or Coonan, which could mean the person battles with a weapon.

Please note that without definitive ancestral or origin information, these possibilities are speculative. Researching individual family histories, migration patterns, and genealogical records would be crucial dimensions in determining more accurate and specific connections for the surname Cooihan.

Famous people with the name Cooihan

  • Michael Hoey-Cooihan: American film and television actor
  • Paul Cooihan: Irish businessman, entrepreneur and writer
  • John Cooihan: American sport shooter and Olympic gold medalist
  • Mary Cooihan: American sociologist and archivist
  • Maureen Cooihan: Irish politician and former cabinet member
  • Lawrence Cooihan: American retired music executive
  • Matthew Cooihan: American singer and songwriter
  • Peter Cooihan: Irish author
  • William Cooihan: American politician
  • Susan Cooihan: American singer-songwriter and musician

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