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Surname Coquigne - Meaning and Origin

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Coquigne: What does the surname Coquigne mean?

The last name Coquigne is most likely from the northern or central French region of Brittany. This name dates back to medieval times, when it was used as a nickname for someone from the region. It is believed to be derived from the French word coq, which means “rooster” and the suffix “igne,” which means “restricted” or “confined.” The combination of these two elements would have thus described someone who was a staunch defender of his home region. Even today, the Coquignes could be considered “localists” who have a strong attachment to their place of origin, Brittany.

Although the exact origin of this surname is not known, there are a few theories that attempt to make sense of its meaning. One suggestion is that the name referred to a nobleman from the Norman Kingdom of the Franks who had a rooster as a symbol of his rank and status. Another suggestion is that the word is derived from the Latin word “coquis,” meaning “rooster,” and the French suffix “-eigne,” meaning “belonging to” or “creator of.”

Today, the Coquignes are known for their tenacious attachment to their home region and their proud identity as Bretons. They continue to uphold their local traditions and remain fiercely loyal to their roots.

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Coquigne: Where does the name Coquigne come from?

The last name Coquigne is ofFrench origins and is thought to have originated from the region of Normandy, located in northern France.

The modern day Coquigne surname can be found mainly in France, Canada, and the United States of America. It is a fairly uncommon name, however it is most densely populated among Americans living in the states of New York, California, and Florida.

In the US, the Coquigne name is more pronounced in New York and California, however the Coquignes have had a presence in Florida since the 1920s. Many of the Coquignes living in this state descend from Huguenot descendants, French Protestants who fled France in the late 1600s.

In Canada, the last name Coquigne is most often associated with the Quebec Province, where it is still quite common and frequently heard. Over half of all Canadians with this surname can be found in Quebec, and the next highest concentration is found in Ontario.

All in all, the Coquigne name is still relatively common in France, as well as in Quebec, Ontario and parts of the US, such as New York, California, and Florida.

Variations of the surname Coquigne

The surname Coquigne has several variants, spellings, and even other surnames derived from the same origin. Coquigne is most likely a French surname and is derived from the Old French word "coquain," which means "boldfaced." One variant spelling of the surname is Coquignot, with the added -ot suffix commonly found in French surnames. Other closely related spellings of the surname include Coquing, Coquingue, Coquin, and Coquine.

A variant of the surname Coquigne is Cocaigne, and this spelling is usually found in records used by French Huguenots who had fled France for Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries. This surname can also be found spelled as Cocogne. Additionally, other variants of the surname include Cokayne and Cockayne, which were likely anglicized spellings of Cocaigne.

The surname Coquigne can also be used as an alternate form of other French surnames. These include Cogneau, Cognet, Cuq, Cokaine, and Cocquen. Other surnames derived from the same origin as Coquigne include Jacquin, Jacquet, Jaquete, Jaquet, Coquillat, Caquelin, and Coquel.

The range of variants and surnames for the surname Coquigne shows the diversity of surname evolution in French-speaking cultures over the centuries. Though the spellings may differ, the etymology of the surname is linked and can be traced back to its original French roots.

Famous people with the name Coquigne

  • René Coquelin (1841–1909), French classical stage actor
  • Joaquim Coquis (born 1986), Portuguese hockey player
  • Chantal Coquelin (born 1965), French actress
  • Jean-Baptiste Coquillet (1790–1863), French lawyer and politician
  • Jean-Paul Coquelin (1898–1975), French neurologist
  • Henri Coquille (1837–1909), French engineer
  • Claude Coquillart (1957–2008), French computer animator
  • Jean Coquelin de Méré (1672–1749), French playwright
  • Pierre Coquelin (1841–1909), French actor
  • Pierre Coquelin de Reffye (1790–1865), French engineer

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