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Surname Crewe-Read - Meaning and Origin

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Crewe-Read: What does the surname Crewe-Read mean?

The last name Crewe-Read is of English origin. It is an example of a compound surname, consisting of two distinct family names which have been connected together to form one name. The word Crewe is derived from the Old English words criwa or crawe, meaning ‘creek’ or ‘stream’, and is likely to have originated as a topographic name for someone who lived by such a body of water. The word Read is a locational name, taken from any of the various places named with this word. These places are located in Cheshire, Lancashire and York, and are derived from Old English hraeds meaning ‘ridge’ or ‘height’ and denoting someone living on a hill. Therefore, Crewe-Read most likely denotes a family whose ancestors lived near a stream or a hill.

Compound surnames like Crewe-Read are a common feature of English genealogy. The practice for forming such surnames began in the Middle Ages, when people of higher social standing thought it important to record the names of their ancestors and claim kinship with one or more of these past families. This is the likely reason behind the formation of the Crewe-Read name. Over the centuries, many users of the Crewe-Read surname have contributed to the development of the English language, as well as science, literature, politics, industry, and the arts.

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Crewe-Read: Where does the name Crewe-Read come from?

The surname Crewe-Read is uncommon today but can still be found around the world. It is believed to have originated as a combination of the two English surnames Crewe and Read. The origin of both these names is believed to be in the Old English language, derived from words referring to particular characteristics of a person.

The name is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in the North West of England, around Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Small numbers of people with this surname have been found in other countries of the British Isles as well as Australia, New Zealand and the United states.

In the UK today, the distribution of the surname Crewe-Read is still localised in the North West. Population researchers have found it to be most prevalent in the city of Liverpool and the surrounding boroughs of Wirral, St Helens and Sefton.

The Crewe-Read surname is not especially common in the United Kingdom but still has a presence in the area were it first appeared many centuries ago. It is most likely that many bearers of this name today are descended from the first people that originally adopted it and over the centuries have kept it alive.

Variations of the surname Crewe-Read

The surname Crewe-Read can be spelt in various forms, such as Crew-Read, Crewread, Crewe Read, Crew Read and Crewrthat have been Anglicised over time but originated from the Irish Gaelic surname O'Craoibhe Riada. Additionally, numerous variants of the surname have been documented, such as Creland, Craeead, Craead, Croloughreedy, Croleloghreahy, O'Croloughreedy, O'Croleegerdy, O'Crolagerahy, O'Crolaughread, O'Crolaughreed, O'Crologhreed, O'Croleeouchree, and O'Croleegerahy.

The name Crewe-Read is derived from the Irish Gaelic phrase "Croma Riada," which is an ancient Celtic name, referring to an individual or family living near a branch of the River Boyne in County Meath. The original Gaelic spelling of the surname was "O'Craoibhe Riada," which over time merged with the English surname Crewe-Read due to the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169.

The south of Ireland also had many variants of the name, such as Crothers, Carothers, Carithers, Crouchers and Krowchers, which indicate that crewe was anglicised to ‘cross’ and read to ‘reed’ in some parts of the country. It is also possible for some people with the surname to have French ancestry, as variations of the name, such as Croucher, were adopted in France during the Norman influence in the 12th century.

In summary, the surname Crewe-Read has various variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin, such as Crew-Read, Crewread, Crewe Read, Crew Read, Creland, Craeead, Craead, Croloughreedy, Croleloghreahy, O'Croloughreedy, O'Croleegerdy, O'Crolagerahy, O'Crolaughread, O'Crolaughreed, O'Crologhreed, O'Croleeouchree, and O'Croleegerahy. It is also possible for some with the surname to have French ancestry, as Croucher was adopted in France during the Norman invasion in the 12th century.

Famous people with the name Crewe-Read

  • Doug Crewe-Read: British media executive
  • Trefor Crewe-Read: British actor
  • Louise Crewe-Read: British Artist
  • Margaret Crewe-Read: English Musician
  • Jim Crewe-Read: Award-winning British journalist and author
  • Gerry Crewe-Read: Academy Award-winning British producer
  • Nigel Crewe-Read: British diplomat
  • Simon Crewe-Read: British academic
  • Emily Crewe-Read: British author
  • Emily Crewe-Read: British composer

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