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Surname Croasdell - Meaning and Origin

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Croasdell: What does the surname Croasdell mean?

The last name Croasdell is a habitational name derived from a place name. It is thought to be from a village in Shropshire, England called Crosdall, which was first recorded in 1164. The word “Crosdall” has its roots in the Old English words ‘Cros’, meaning cross, and ‘dael’, meaning valley. The full name thus translates to “valley with a cross”.

In addition to the English location, it is likely that the Pembrokeshire county of Wales also had a village that contributed to the surname, as local records from the area reveal that there was a Croasdall family in existence in the 16th century. A man by the name of David Crossdale was recorded as the possessor of Kilgerran in Pembrokeshire in a record from 1595.

Overall, Croasdell is a surname that reflects a close relationship with a place or home, not just within England, but also Wales. The deep historical roots and multicultural nature of this name instills a sense of pride in those who carry it today.

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Croasdell: Where does the name Croasdell come from?

The last name Croasdell is found mainly in North America, particularly in Canada and the United States. The name is believed to have originated in England, but the exact origin is uncertain. It has been recorded in various spellings including Crosdill, Crosdelle, Crowsdell, and Croasdil.

In the United States, the number of people with the last name Croasdell is at its peak in 1975, when it was the 2,106th most popular name. The earliest recorded use of Croasdell in the United States is during the 19th century.

In Canada, the last name is considered a variant spelling of the similar-sounding name Crosley, which is one of the most common surnames in the country today. The earliest recorded use of Croasdell in Canada dates back to 1845 in Ontario.

There are few records of Croasdell today in England, suggesting the name is likely of more recent migration.

Overall, Croasdell is a rare surname in the modern day. But for those who bear the name, it can provide insight into their family's past. It is likely that family stories, and more specifically those of the earliest recorded Croasdells, will help future generations learn more about the Croasdell name and its origins.

Variations of the surname Croasdell

The surname Croasdell is a variation of the English surname Crossdale and might also be referred to as Crosdell. It is an habitational surname, which means that the name was derived from the name of a place.

Variants of the surname Croasdell include Crowsdill, Croswell, Crossdill, Crosshill, Crosdell, Cranendell, Craindell, and Crosdale. These versions of the original spelling are probably due to the fact that Anglicization of the name over time has caused various spelling mistakes and misinterpretations.

The most common spellings, or variations, of Croasdell which are frequently found are the spellings “Crossdale” and “Crosdell”. These two versions can be found occurring in records in the United Kingdom and America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Crosdells are a family who can trace their roots from London, as is suggested by London Records giving information about the Crosdells found there in the early nineteenth century.

Given the habitational nature of the surname, there have been a number of families around the world who have adopted the name Croasdell, or a variation of it. Crossdales, for example, can be found in the United States, in some parts of Canada, and even in Australia.

It is also interesting to note that some versions of the surname are found in other languages such as Spanish. Here the name Croxsdale, or Crossdaile, is occasionally encountered in records from the Southern United States.

So, the surname Croasdell has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. In all, there are likely to be at least sixteen different versions of the name, which can all trace their roots back to England and London.

Famous people with the name Croasdell

  • Ashley Croasdell: British sports presenter and journalist, part of ITV Sport and Sky Sports Soccer Saturday.
  • Paul Croasdell: American artist, specializing in portraiture and watercolor painting.
  • William Croasdell: English composer and organist, largely known for his Mass in G.
  • Richard Croasdell: American professor of classics and director of classics program at the University of California.
  • Philip Croasdell: English author and artist, best known for his natural history illustrated books.
  • Steve Croasdell: American MMA fighter in the bantamweight class, trained in wrestling and Jujitsu.
  • Chandler Croasdell: Canadian footballer who was a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
  • Gemma Croasdell: British soprano singer and director of the Oxford Bach Choir.
  • Steven Croasdell: American sculptor, part of the influential New Realism movement.
  • John Croasdell: British engineer and inventor, who designed several ships and tanks for the Royal Navy.

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