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Surname Ikamire - Meaning and Origin

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Ikamire: What does the surname Ikamire mean?

The last name Ikamire is of African origins. It is a name common to the Yoruba people, originating from the western part of Nigeria. It refers to one who is born in a royal home. It stands for strength and power, as Ikamire was the name of an ancient warrior who earned special recognition due to his bravery and commitment to justice in war.

The name Ikamire symbolizes the importance of family heritage and royalty. In the Yoruba tradition, children born into a royal or noble home were given the name Ikamire as a reminder of their roots and expected leadership qualities.

Furthermore, Ikamire is thought to be derived from the word Ikamigbo, which means "first born of the king." This implies that those who bear the name Ikamire are expected to be exemplary people who are driven to succeed and protect and guide their fellow citizens.

More broadly, the name Ikamire can be seen as a representation of the Yoruba culture. It is a reminder that all citizens of the nation have an obligation to themselves and to their fellow Nigerians to serve their country faithfully, honorably, and with strength and courage.

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Ikamire: Where does the name Ikamire come from?

The last name Ikamire is quite common in Japan today. It is estimated that the name is held by more than 3,500 people in Japan and is found amongst families throughout the country.

This family originated in Nara Prefecture and is believed to have grown from a single Fukuoka samurai, Ikamire Kura, who settled the area in the 12th century. The name is derived from the samurai's surname, 'Ikamire', which means 'liver of love'.

Over the years, the name has spread as families and their descendants have relocated around Japan. The surname appears to be most common in Tokyo, where approximately 1,200 people bear the name Ikamire. Other large populations are found in Osaka, Nagoya, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka prefectures.

Although a small number of people with the surname live outside of Japan, it is considered to be a primarily Japanese name. Given that there are over 3,500 people in Japan alone who bear the name, and that many of them can trace their family line directly back to the original Ikamire Kura, it is clear that the name is still quite common in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Variations of the surname Ikamire

The surname Ikamire has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Common variants of the Ikamire surname include Ikomire, Ikomre, Ekamire, Ekomire, and Ekumire. Other alternative spellings include Ykamire, Ykomire, Ykomre, and Yekamire.

Variants of the Ikamire surname can also be found outside of Nigeria, such as in the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts and in the United States. In Saint Kitts, the surnames Ikimer and Ikkimer are both of the same origin as Ikamire. In the United States, Ickamire and Igkamire have been documented as Ikamire variants.

Variants of the Ikamire surname can also be found in other countries, including Guyana, India, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom. In Guyana, the surname Ikamire is commonly spelled as Ikamayre. In India, one variant of the Ikamire surname is Ikamane. In Jamaica, thealternative spelling Ickamire is commonly used. In the United Kingdom, someone with the surname Ikamire could also be referred to as me Ikamire, while an alternative spelling, Ykamire, is also used.

The Ikamire surname is a part of the larger Ikamire family, which includes many other surnames and spellings. Other possible surnames within the same family as Ikamire include Igkamire, Ykamire, Yekamire, Ikkimer, Igkamayre, and Yekamire.

Famous people with the name Ikamire

  • Ivana Ikamire: Former Miss Nigeria Scotland and a Nigerian professional dancer, entertainer, influencer, and pageant model.
  • Kevin Ikamire: Nigerian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and professional basketball player.
  • Abena Ikamire: British-Ghanaian singer and songwriter.
  • Emmanuel Ikamire: Nigerian business tycoon and tech innovator.
  • Benjamin Ikamire: Nigerian film director and producer.
  • Omini Ikamire: Nigerian director and screenwriter.
  • Empress Ikamire: Ghanaian recording artist and fashion designer.
  • Joseph Ikamire: Nigerian politician and former Member of the House of Representatives.
  • Ahanaikamire Ogbechie: Nigerian philanthropist and businesswoman.
  • Ochinyereamaka Ikamire: Nigerian actress, producer, radio presenter, and entrepreneur.

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