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Surname Ikeda - Meaning and Origin

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Ikeda: What does the surname Ikeda mean?

The last name Ikeda is a common Japanese surname. Derived from the Japanese characters for canal (Ike) and rice paddy (da), the name Ikeda can be translated to mean a waterway between rice paddies. While the meaning of the name may seem subtle, the concept of the waterway being a part of the successful rice-farming industry is closely tied to the values of hard work and perseverance. The Japanese language is unique in its ability to depict multiple layers of meaning from simple combinations of characters, and the name Ikeda is no exception.

Ikeda is a Surname of nobility, which reflects the important history of Japanese royalty and power. Although the exact origin of the name is widely debated, it has been used at least as far back as the Edo period, when it was given to retainers of the Yonekura clan. Since then, the name has spread throughout Japan as people have moved, exhibited in the wide variety of people who bear the name in modern day.

Today Ikeda is a well-known and respected last name across Japan and beyond. It is also associated with a number of notables, such as Hajime Ikeda, a well-known professional wrestler, former Japanese Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Ikeda, and a number of prominent authors and poets.

Overall, the name Ikeda carries many different layers of meaning, from hard work and perseverance to nobility and honour. Shareholders of the name, regardless of its exact origin, take pride in their family’s long-standing traditions and closely held values.

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Ikeda: Where does the name Ikeda come from?

The last name Ikeda is most common in Japan today. It is one of the top 300 surnames in Japan and about 1.5 million people bear the name. The name is likely derived from either the personal name “Ike” or an old Japanese term “ike” meaning “pond”. It is not an uncommon name in other countries, such as Brazil, Taiwan and the United States of America.

In Japan, the Ikeda Clan traces its roots to the Sengoku era of the 1500s when a warrior known as Ikeda Dosan was in charge of the daimyo of the region. The name has carried on since then and has become extremely common not only across the country, but throughout the world.

Today there is an Ikeda family living in each of the 47 prefectures of Japan and abroad. The Ikeda family has a long history of social and political achievements across Japan. For example, the Ikeda family has 7 prime ministers throughout the years – the last one being Yoshihiko Noda who served from 2011 to 2012.

Outside of Japan, there are people who bear the Ikeda surname. In the United States, there are many Ikeda families who trace their origin back to Japanese immigrants in the early 20thcentury. Brazilian people of Japanese descent also share the same surname.

Whether it be in Japan or abroad, the Ikeda last name is a common one, borne by many.

Variations of the surname Ikeda

The surname Ikeda is an uncommon Japanese surname derived from the ancient Japanese provincial name of Iki. Variations of the surname Ikeda have also been derived from other provinces of Japan such as Izumo, Iwami and Tamba, although the name originated primarily from Iki. Common variants of the Ikeda surname are written in kanji as 池田, 加田 or 池佐. Additionally, the name is also written in hiragana as いけだ and katakana as イケダ.

Other spelling variants of the surname Ikeda include Ikedaa, Ikedah, Ikeda, Ilkeda, Ikekda, Ikkeda, Ikkeeda, Lkeda and Ykeda. While these are alternate spelling variants of the Ikeda surname, some may be considered as incorrect spellings, depending on the language in which the surname is used.

Surnames of the same origin as Ikeda include Iki, Ikezaki, Iketani, Ikeshige, Ikeshita, Ikeda, Ikemoto, Ikeno, Iketani, Ikeuchi and Ikoma. These other surnames are typically derived from Japanese provinces other than Iki, such as Izumo, Iwami and Tamba. In some cases, Ikeda and other surnames of the same origin may even refer to the same family, indicating a shared ancestry. Finally, surnames of the same origin may also apply to individuals with the same first name, such as Ikeda Satoru or Ikeda Masayuki.

Famous people with the name Ikeda

  • Hiroo Ikeda: Actor, narrator, and film director.
  • Akiko Ikeda: Actress and radio personality in Japan.
  • Masaru Ikeda: Japanese cellist and composer.
  • Ulra Ikeda: Renowned Japanese fashion model and occasional film actress.
  • Isamu Ikeda: Senior advisor to several major Japanese companies.
  • Noboru Ikeda: Governor of the Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima from 2011 to 2019.
  • Toshikazu Ikeda: Former Governor of Japanese prefecture of Hyogo, accuses of corruption.
  • Takuma Ikeda: Former Japanese professional football player.
  • Masayoshi Ikeda: CEO of Sumitomo Electric Industries and chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives.
  • Kaoru Ikeda: Major Japanese writer.
  • Takahiro Ikeda: Founder of the Japanese fashion label Ground Y.
  • Makoto Ikeda: Animator and character designer.
  • Shigesaburo Ikeda: Noted Japanese painter.
  • Terunobu Ikeda: Japanese graphic artist and sculptor.
  • Naoaki Ikeda: Japanese professional racer.
  • Ryosei Ikeda: Professional Japanese shogi player.
  • Kyoichi Ikeda: Japanese molecular biologist.

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