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Surname Ilgün - Meaning and Origin

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Ilgün: What does the surname Ilgün mean?

The last name Ilgün is of Turkish origin and is derived from the word ilgün meaning “eagle” or “falcon”. This surname is quite old and is believed to have been used as early as the 16th century in parts of Anatolia and the Middle East. Over time, the name has been used by many families and has spread throughout the Turkish diaspora.

The concept of eagles and falcons has deeply rooted itself in Turkish culture and is often used in Turkic poetry and art as a symbol of strength and courage. Eagles and falcons are common subjects in traditional Turkish art and are often posed in flight or in pairs, which symbolizes togetherness, loyalty, and companionship. This symbolism can be seen in the Ilgün surname, where individuals strive to embrace these qualities.

Today, the Ilgün name is commonly found in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East and has been used as source of inspiration for many. In modern times, Ilgün has become a popular choice for young parents looking to pass on traditional values and views of Turkish culture.

In summary, the last name Ilgün is of Turkish origin and means “eagle” or “falcon”. It has been used for centuries and continues to be embraced to symbolize values such as strength, courage, loyalty, and companionship. Furthermore, the last name is popular amongst young Turkish parents looking to pass on traditional values.

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Ilgün: Where does the name Ilgün come from?

The last name Ilgün is currently mainly found in the country of Turkey. It is a common Turkish surname that is often found in the Central Anatolian region of the country. In addition, it is believed to be of semi-nomadic Turkic origin, most likely derived from the Ilgūn tribe of the 13th Century who lived in the area which is now south-eastern Kyrgyzstan.

Ilgün is currently the 37th most common surname in Turkey, ranking ahead of surnames such as Yildirim and Tosun. This makes it a relatively widespread surname and one which is definitely worth noting if you come from a Turkish family. The word Ilgün can also be translated to mean ‘fire of the sky’ in Turkish.

Those with the last name Ilgün can also be found around the world today, albeit in much smaller numbers. This includes Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and South Africa. Consequently, it is likely that many people with Turkish heritage who have settled around the world may share the Ilgün surname.

In summary, the last name Ilgün is commonly found in Turkey, where it ranks as the 37th most common surname. However, it can also be found all over the world due to Turkey's diaspora of people who have settled overseas. Additionally, the roots of this name can be traced back to a semi-nomadic Turkic tribe from the 13th Century.

Variations of the surname Ilgün

Ilgün is a Turkish surname that can be spelled differently in various regions or among different cultures.

One variant of the surname is Ilgun, which can be encountered in Turkish diaspora communities across the world. Ilgend, Ilginturk, Ilgunay, and Ilguney are also variants of the surname that are found in some parts of Turkey.

In some other countries, there may also be anglicized versions of the surname, such as Ilgen, Ilgene, Ilgena, Ilgenau, Ilgenay, Ilgené, and Ilgeny.

The surname Ilguney is also a variant of Ilgün, and may be found in regions such as Sweden and Austria.

In addition to the above, Ilgon, Ilgond, and Ilguner are other variants of the surname that may be derived from Ilgün and can be found in Turkish diaspora communities.

The surname can also be encountered as a patronymic surname, such as Ilgünlü or Ilgünek. Ilgünet is another possible patronymic form of the surname.

Finally, Ilgün can be used as a given name rather than a surname. This variant is more commonly used in Turkey than in Western countries, where it is more likely to be found as a surname.

Famous people with the name Ilgün

  • Mehmet Ilgün: Artist and researcher in electronic communication technologies and media.
  • Göksel Ilgün: Turkish wrestler and coach.
  • Ali Ilgün: Turkish former basketball player.
  • Atilla Ilgün: Turkish professor of history.
  • Fehmi Ilgün: Turkish cinematographer and photographer.
  • Hasan Ilgün: Turkish politician.
  • Mecit Ilgün: Turkish sculptor.
  • Mustafa Ilgün: Turkish academic and professor of international relations.
  • Murat Ilgün: Turkish handball player.
  • Mustafa Ilgün: Turkish composer and songwriter.

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