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Surname Ilona - Meaning and Origin

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Ilona: What does the surname Ilona mean?

The last name Ilona is of Hungarian origin and is believed to have derived from the name Ilona, which is a female name of Germanic and Hungarian origin. The name is believed to have come from the Germanic name Helen, which in turn derives from the Ancient Greek name Helenē, meaning ‘light’.

In Hungarian culture, Ilona is often seen as a symbol of beauty and grace, and the name is often given to girls who are considered to have these attributes. Ilona generally stands for someone who is fairly independent, strong-willed and able to stand their ground.

There are many variations of the name found throughout Europe, including Elina, Ilonne, Yelena and Ilonka. In addition, the name has been adopted in other languages and cultures, including Mexican Spanish, where it is spelled Ilonka, and Lithuanian, where it is spelled Ilona.

As a surname, Ilona has the same meaning as the given name; it is believed to be a symbol of beauty and grace. However, how it is interpreted in a particular culture may vary depending on the language, culture and traditions of the people.

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Ilona: Where does the name Ilona come from?

The last name Ilona is most common today in Eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. In Hungary, the name is thought to be derived from an ancient Hungarian word for "star." Recent records show the name is most common in the southeastern regions of Hungary, such as the city of Szeged and Baranya county. In Slovakia, the name is derived from the Czech word for "light" or "torch," signifying someone who brings light into the world.

In Romania, the surname is most commonly found in Banat, a region of southwestern Romania known for its high concentration of ethnic Hungarian citizens, but it is also found in other regions scattered throughout the country.

Outside of Eastern Europe, the last name Ilona can be found in parts of Latin America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Records also suggest the name is present in some regions of the United States, primarily in large cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Houston.

Overall, the name Ilona is relatively rare compared to other last names. However, its presence in large European cities and parts of the Americas is a testament to its popularity in certain parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Ilona

The surname Ilona has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common form of the surname is ‘Ilona’, but it has also been found with variants such as ‘Iloma’ and ‘Iolana’. Variations of the surname also exist in various cultures throughout Europe, such as Ilonka (Hungarian), Elona (Slovakian/Bulgarian) and Ilone (French/German).

The surname has also been found with regional surnames related to Ilona in countries such as Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic and Austria. Examples of these surnames include ‘Elenka’ (in Czech Republic), ‘Elin’ (in Hungary) and ‘Ilons’ (in Latvia).

The surname Ilona can also be spelled in various ways, with examples such as ‘Ilona’, ‘Elona’, ‘Ilonka’, ‘Elenka’, ‘Iolana’, ‘Elime’, ‘Elin’, ‘Illone’, ‘Illona’, ‘Ilons’, ‘Ilone’, ‘Iladance’ and ‘Ilonka’.

Additionally, the surname Ilona can also be found in various hyphenated forms, such as ‘Ilon-a’, ‘Ilom-a’ and ‘Iolana-’, which can be associated with ones who have adopted the name from a family or region with a different spelling. In some cases, the hyphenated form also serves as an example of two versions of the names being combined together.

Ultimately, the surname Ilona is found in a variety of forms, spellings and surnames of the same origin. With numerous regional and hyphenated variations, the surname is a testament to its diverse heritage and widespread cultural references that have continued throughout the ages.

Famous people with the name Ilona

  • Ilona Staller (known by her stage name Cicciolina): the Hungarian-born Italian porn star, Hungarian-Italian politician, and singer.
  • Ilona Szwarc: Polish photographer known for her contributions to documentary and portrait work.
  • Ilona Massey: Hungarian-American actress who was popular during the 1940s and during the era of the Hollywood musicals.
  • Ilona Grübel: Hungarian film director, screenwriter, and producer and two-time awardee of the Hungarian Film Week.
  • Ilona Kickbusch: German public health expert and Director of the Global Health Programme at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.
  • Ilona Kállay: Hungarian film director and professor at the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film Arts.
  • Ilona Kabai: Hungarian-born American Olympic foil fencing champion and Law Professor at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Ilona Király: Hungarian classical pianist and Professor at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.
  • Ilona Kish: Slovak American Physical Therapist, Health Advocate, and Wellness Educator.
  • Ilona Helm: German art historian, author, photographer, and critic.

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