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Surname Ilston - Meaning and Origin

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Ilston: What does the surname Ilston mean?

The last name Ilston is of Anglo-Saxon ancestry and is believed to have originated in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is a habitational name derived from a former village in the north of the county of Holderness, near the city of Hull. The name could have derived from the Old English 'ysel' meaning 'stony', which is likely to have derived from the area being a marshy area with a few large stones.

Ilston is a relatively rare Spanish and English surname that dates as far back as the fifteenth century. It was common in Britain and Europe during the Middle Ages, and a number of streets throughout England bear the Ilston name. Much of the family's history in England is lost due to the destruction of many records in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The Ilston name has been present in North America since the late seventeenth century, when Thomas Ilston and Samuel Ilston, both brothers, arrived in Pennsylvania on the ship "Welcome". They are believed to have been boat builders from Yorkshire. The surnames existence has continued to this day, with descendants all across America.

Overall, Ilston is an interesting surname that likely has its roots in a region of England. It has had a lasting impact on those with the surname, and its strong presence in North America speaks to the admirable fortitude the surname's first bearers possessed.

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Ilston: Where does the name Ilston come from?

The last name Ilston is most commonly found today in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were over 1,900 individuals living in the United States with the last name Ilston in 2018.

The surname Ilston is likely of Anglo-Saxon origin, and may have first been found in Cheshire, England. Many of those with the Ilston name in the United States are descended from individuals who emigrated to the New World from the British Isles in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In the United States today, the most popular regions with the surname Ilston are the South and Midwest. In particular, many individuals with the last name Ilston can be found in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Georgia.

The Ilston surname is not a particularly common one, but it can be found around the world in countries such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It is uncommon in parts of Europe, especially outside of the United Kingdom, but individuals with the Ilston last name can be found in countries such as Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

Variations of the surname Ilston

The surname Ilston has multiple variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common alternate spellings are Elston, Elyton, Elliston and Elon. Some variants may include Allistone, Allistown, Allington, Aylston, and Ellistone. Selected variants of the surname Ilston were found in the United States in the 1880 census predominantly in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Michigan.

The variants and alternate spellings of Ilston are derived from Old English names Elstan, Ealstan and Ellestan which mean “noble stone” or “noble person”. This surname is thought to have originated in west England, where it is most commonly found today.

There are a few other surnames of similar origin. For example, Elliston is derived from a Latin word meaning ambassador or leader, Ilson is derived from the ancient Viking name Ail – son, meaning “son of Ail”, and Illis is a Gaelic name derived from Áilias, meaning “prominent”. Additionally, the multi-ethnic surname Elston – which is a combination of the English and German El, and the Danish ston – is also considered to be of the same origin.

In conclusion, Ilston is a surname of Old English origin that has many variations, spellings and related surnames. Its variants are derived from Elstan, Ealstan and Ellestan which all mean “noble stone” or “noble person”. Its alternate spellings include Elston, Elyton, Elliston, Allistone, Allistown, Allington, Aylston, and Ellistone. Additionally, Elston and Illis are of similar origin.

Famous people with the name Ilston

  • Leonardo Ilston, Entrepreneur
  • Alan Ilston, Formula 1 Racing Driver
  • Elton Ilston, Musician and Producer
  • Valerie Ilston, Olympic Swimmer
  • Joe Ilston, Football Player
  • Robert Ilston, Film Director
  • David Ilston, Actor
  • Jerry Ilston, Musician
  • Thomas Ilston, Politician
  • Eleanor Ilston, Consultant
  • Ivan Ilston, Scientist
  • Richard Ilston, Author
  • Emma Ilston, TV Presenter
  • Abigail Ilston, Painter
  • John Ilston, Historian
  • Sarah Ilston, Lawyer
  • Paul Ilston, Sports Journalist
  • Mark Ilston, Entrepreneur
  • Rebecca Ilston, Businesswoman
  • Benjamin Ilston, Chef

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