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Surname Imcke - Meaning and Origin

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Imcke: What does the surname Imcke mean?

The last name Imcke (also sometimes spelled Imke, Imke or Imck) is a surname of Dutch origin. It is derived from the Old Dutch name ‘Imko’, meaning ‘he who is powerful’, or ‘he who has power’.

This prominent surname is believed to have first emerged in the Netherlands sometime during the 17th century. During this time, it was primarily used to identify individuals with greater authority, power,or influence, such as landowners or public officials. In the Netherlands, the name is still used in this way today.

The global distribution of the Imcke surname is mostly concentrated within the EU, particularly Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Notably, the surname is also found in the United States, where it is believed to have been first introduced by Dutch settlers who originated from the Netherlands during the 1700s.

The Imcke surname is not only a reminder of Dutch ancestry, but also a reminder of the significance of possessing authority, power and influence. For example, today, individuals with the Imcke surname can often be identified as playing significant leadership roles within industry, government or business. The surname Imcke reflects a proud family history and a powerful legacy.

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Imcke: Where does the name Imcke come from?

The last name Imcke is most commonly found today in the German-speaking parts of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. It is estimated that there are around 12,000 people with the last name Imcke worldwide, with the majority of them living in Germany. In Germany, the Imcke family is most heavily concentrated in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.

Back in the 16th century, the Imckes were a prominent and influential noble family in the Westerwald region of Germany. There was even an Imcke family castle, Burg Imcke, built near Mengerskirchen in 1559. The castle is still standing today, although it was heavily damaged in World War II and has since been converted into a hotel.

The Imcke family has a long history of service in the military, government, and politics, as well as in the business world. In 1758, one of the Imcke’s, Oskar Imcke von Eltz, became a minister-president of Electoral Nassau.

Throughout the centuries, the Imckes have also made a name for themselves in the field of medicine, with several members of the family practicing as doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists.

Today, the Imcke family continues to have an influence on the modern German mindset, although the family name is most commonly associated with the past. Nevertheless, their legacy lives on in the generations that followed them, and their name is an important part of German history.

Variations of the surname Imcke

The Imcke surname has two variants: Immke and Imke. The spellings, including variations in capitalization, are Imcke, IMcke, ImCke, ImckE, Immke, ImmkE, IMmke, IMmkE, Imke, ImkE, and IMke.

Surnames of similar origin include Imbach, Imhausen, Immel, Immelmann, and Immoos.

Imbach derives from a West Germanic personal name Imbo. Imhausen is derived from a placename of similar roots, Imhausen.

Immel and Immelmann are derived from the Germanic short name Immilo, and Immel is a modern spelling of Imel, a derivative of the Germanic short name Immo.

Immoos is derived from Imhof, a German placename and surname.

Imke is a surname associated with the West Germanic short name Immo; variations include Imke, ImkE, IMke, Imck, Imcke, IMcke, ImCke, and ImckE.

Other surnames with similar Germanic roots include Imgrund, Imm, Immenhausen, Immermann, Imminger, Immle, and Imsbach.

Famous people with the name Imcke

  • Arthur Imcke: a German, English-born sculptor born in 1957.
  • Atticus Imcke: an American photographer born in 2006.
  • Eliane Imcke: a Brazilian singer and actor born in 1978.
  • Hans Imcke: a German-born actor and producer born in 1978.
  • Hedy Imcke: a German-born architect and entrepreneur born in 1964.
  • Imke Imcke: a German actress and painter born in 1976.
  • Katrin Imcke: a German glass artist born in 1961.
  • Oskar Imcke: a German actor born in 1924.
  • Raffael Imcke: a German journalist born in 1972.
  • Torsten Imcke: a German artist born in 1976.

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