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Surname Imgarten - Meaning and Origin

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Imgarten: What does the surname Imgarten mean?

The last name Imgarten is of German origin and is believed to derive from a German place-name. The term "Im Garten" or "In den Garten," which translates literally to "in the garden," is thought to be the root of the name. This suggests that the surname initially referred to a family who lived or owned land in a garden setting. Alternatively, the name may have developed from the Middle High German ‘Garten’, which referred to an enclosed farmstead or hamlet.

The Imgarten name can also be traced to other connections in Europe. For example, Imgarten is an occupational surname that is related to the production of goods such as bread, wine, and beer. Historically, the linkage between the surname and family occupations or the land on which they worked, is quite common.

In modern days, Imgarten is an uncommonly used surname throughout the world. Regardless, it is still associated with the concept of a garden, home, and strong work ethic, which are all deeply rooted in its origin.

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Imgarten: Where does the name Imgarten come from?

The Imgarten surname is probably of Germanic origin, and is most common in Germany and Austria today. Specifically, it is most common in the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, as well as parts of Austria, including in the city of Graz.

The surname first appears in German records in the late 18th century, when people named Imgarten from the region of Baden-Württemberg began appearing in the church and civil registers of several churches in the region. Over the following centuries, the surname spread to other parts of Germany, as evidenced by record entries found in the region of Saxony in 1843, and the Dutch city of Amsterdam in 1863.

By the 19th century, Imgarten had become an established German surname and is still common in Germany, with more than 500 people bearing the name. It is also now found in Austria, particularly in the states of Styria and Lower Austria. Imgarten is also found in other countries, such as the United States, where people bearing the name can be found in several states, particularly New York, California and Illinois.

Variations of the surname Imgarten

The surname Imgarten has a number of variants, spellings and related surnames. These variations originate from locations around the world and are generally associated with the same ethnic origin.

Imgarten is a German and Jewish surname, most commonly found in central Europe and the United States. Variants of the name include Imgart, Imgartin, Imgartinen, Emgart, Imgartin, Ymgartin, Ymgarten, Inigarten, and Ignarten.

In some cases Imgarten is also spelled as Emgart, Emmgar, Emmgart, Imgartin, Imgarten, and Imgartiner.

The surname is also associated with the Ashkenazic Jewish name of Imgart and is believed to be derived from the Yiddish personal name Imre. The most common spelling is Imgarten, which is most likely a shortening of Imparten.

Additionally, the name is related to Engel, Engelhardt, Engels, Imgart, Echenbächer, and Enckl. It is also possible that Imgart is related to the English surnames Ingle, Kingle, Ingalls, and Ingham.

To sum up, Imgarten is an ethnic surname that originated from Germany and is also related to several Ashkenazic Jewish names. Variations of the name, as well as related surnames, can be found in locations from central Europe to the United States.

Famous people with the name Imgarten

  • Kim Imgarten: German film actress.
  • Steven Imgarten: American mathematician and computer scientist.
  • Hannah Imgarten: Canadian-American fashion designer.
  • Jordan Imgarten: Canadian NASCAR driver.
  • Hideki Imgarten: Japanese Olympic athlete.
  • Igor Imgarten: Russian composer, conductor, and pianist.
  • Stanley Imgarten: American actor and television producer.
  • Marlene Imgarten: British singer-songwriter and actress.
  • Josiah Imgarten: American physician, philanthropist and social activist.
  • Grazia Imgarten: Italian operatic soprano.
  • Justin Imgarten: American professional ice hockey player.
  • Alessandra Imgarten: Argentinian television personality.
  • Christina Imgarten: German politician and publicist.
  • Pavel Imgarten: Russian film director and producer.
  • Blue Imgarten: American musician, songwriter, and record producer.

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