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Surname MacCaw - Meaning and Origin

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MacCaw: What does the surname MacCaw mean?

The last name MacCaw is of Scottish origin and it is a variant of the surname MacCawley or McCauley. The name is derived from the Gaelic name "MacAmhalghaidh", which translates to "son of Amhalghadh". The name Amhalghadh itself is composed of two elements: "amal", which means "participation" or "action" and "ghadh", which signifies "battle" or "fight". Therefore, the overall meaning could be interpreted as "son of the one who participates in battle" or "son of the battle fighter". It is important to note that meanings can vary and interpretations can be different based on different linguistic and historical analyses. Like many surnames, it would have originally functioned as a nickname given to distinguish between various people with the same first name, typically passed down from father to son.

MacCaw: Where does the name MacCaw come from?

The surname MacCaw is of Scottish origin. Typically, surnames prefixed with 'Mac' indicate Celtic or Gaelic ancestry and usually mean 'son of.' Thus, MacCaw can be roughly translated to 'son of Caw.' This etymology suggests that the surname may have been originally patronymic, denoting descendants of a person named Caw. The name 'Caw' might be derived from the Gaelic element "cadha," meaning "mild" or "gentle." It may also be related to the animal name 'caw,' the onomatopoeic term for the call of a crow or jackdaw, indicating a possible ancestral nickname based on a characteristic or habit, following the common medieval tradition.

Nowadays, the MacCaw surname is pretty uncommon. It can be found to some degree in the United Kingdom, particularly in Scotland. In the New World, individuals with the last name MacCaw might be found in the United States and Australia, descendants of Scottish emigrants who relocated over the centuries. However, its presence is not concentrated in any particular region. Thus, the MacCaw last name is infrequent and globally dispersed.

Variations of the surname MacCaw

The surname MacCaw has Irish origins and is believed to be derived from the name MacCatha, an anglicization of the Gaelic term "Mac Catha", where "Mac" means "son of" and "Catha" stands for "battle."

Variants and spellings of this name can include the versions MacCaw, M'Caw, McCaw, MacCawe, M'Cawe, McCawe, MacCau, M'Cau, McCau, McCraw, MacCraw, M'Craw, McCaugh, MacCaugh, M'Caugh, MacCath, M'Cath, McCath. Even direct translations like "Battle" or "Battle's Son" might represent the same name. Also, the anglicized version of the surname MacCatha could have been altered further to variants like Catch, Cath, Catha, etc.

In some cases, similar Scottish contemporaries like MacCaw, MacGaw, MacGaa, MacGaw, or McGaw might be wrongly associated with the Irish MacCaw, but they are different and originated from areas in Scotland.

It's common to see surnames change over time due to regional dialects, alterations in spelling, migrations, or even to adapt to a new culture and fit into a new society. It's important to remember that while these variants can be linked, the connections aren't absolute, but probable.

Famous people with the name MacCaw

  • Andrew MacCaw: British computer scientist, creator of Mobify.js, author of Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer.
  • Bob MacCaw: former Major League Baseball player and first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Charles MacCaw: American sculptor and painter from Alabama.
  • Duncan MacCaw: Scottish parliamentary commissioner and judge of the Isles of Scotland.
  • Emily MacCaw: Scottish-born Victorian-era engraver and painter.
  • Harvey MacCaw: American theater director, playwright, and actor known for his work on Broadway and in regional theaters.
  • Isa MacCaw: American artist and sculptor known for her work in New York City and in the Bronx.
  • Janet MacCaw: Scottish singer and songwriter.
  • John MacCaw: Scottish artist known for his capture of the British capture of the Falkland Islands.
  • Keith MacCaw: British doctor, medical director, and senior lecturer at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School.

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