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Surname Machaby - Meaning and Origin

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Machaby: What does the surname Machaby mean?

The last name Machaby (or variously spelled such as Machabey, Machabee, Machabie, and MacChaby) is thought to have originally come to North America from France, likely from a region in or around Normandy. The meaning of the name is derived from the French term “ma chabine”, which roughly implies “my small house”, suggesting that the name has French origins.

The first documented evidence of anyone with the Machaby surname in North America appears in a court record in 1621 from an island now known as Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is likely that family members of Machaby had settled and lived in or around Massachusetts since the late 1600s. In 1650-1660 the Machaby family moved to the mainland (Milton), and settled in the area of Maine.

Recent years have seen members of the Machaby family spread across the United States. Despite being spread across the nation, family members still keep in touch and maintain close familial relationships. The spelling of the family name has evolved and changed over the years as well, but the original pronunciation remains the same.

Though its exact origin remains unclear, Machaby is a popular French-Canadian name with a distinctive history and relevance that has been preserved for hundreds of years. Its meaning continues to remain true in today’s modern context, suggesting that the original family who once settled on the hills of Nantucket are now spread throughout the United States and beyond.

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Machaby: Where does the name Machaby come from?

The surname Machaby is a very uncommon one, but today can be found primarily in and around the state of Massachusetts. Machaby families have a long history dating back to colonial times in the United States, with Machaby immigrants arriving in Massachusetts from Portugal in the late 17th century. Since then, many Machaby families have spread throughout the northeast of the United States, and Massachusetts remains the primary home for the surname. While shopping centers and streets can occasionally be found bearing the Machaby name, the surname is still most prevalent in the town of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Provincetown is an old fishing community tucked away in Cape Cod, and is particularly known for its artist and LGBTQ+ communities. The town’s small-town charm and intimate atmosphere makes it a delightful place to visit, with the Machaby family still making contributions to the town and its culture.

Machaby locals still gather together annually for special family reunions, events and celebrations that capture the spirit and community of Provincetown life. The Machaby family is deeply rooted in the past and present of Massachusetts, and proud of its heritage.

Variations of the surname Machaby

The Machaby surname has a few different variants, spellings, and origins.

A common variant of the Machaby surname is MacCabe, which originated from Anglicized Gaelic forms of "MacCába" or "MacCathmhaoil". Typically found among Irish and Scottish families, MacCabe is a surname used to represent a descendant of Cathmhaoil, a personal name meaning "battle chief" or “mighty warrior.”

Another variant, MacCahy, also derived from the Gaelic "MacCathmhaoil," is similar to MacCabe in origin. More common in Irish families, MacCahy is a surname used to represent a descendant of Cathmhaoil.

Other variants of the Machaby surname include MacCabe, Machabie, MacBie, MacCoy, MacKay, MacKee, Machabee, Machpheey, and Macvy. Depending on the area, the pronunciation of the surname has been known to vary. It is pronounced as MAHK-uh-bee or MAK-uh-bee in parts of the United States, and as MAHK-ah-bee or MAK-uh-bee in parts of the United Kingdom.

The Machaby surname was first found in Massachusetts, where they settled in early colonial times. Over the centuries this surname has spread to the British Isles, Canada, and the United States, specifically the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

In summary, the Machaby surname has a long history with many variant spellings. It was first found in Massachusetts and has since spread to the United States, the British Isles, and Canada. Variants include MacCabe, MacCahy, MacCabe, Machabie, MacBie, MacCoy, MacKay, MacKee, Machabee, Machpheey, and Macvy, and is typically pronounced MAHK-uh-bee or MAK-uh-bee in the United States and MAHK-ah-bee or MAK-uh-bee in the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Machaby

  • Shonda Rhimes: American television producer, screenwriter, and author
  • Larry Lucchino: American lawyer and former President/CEO of the Boston Red Sox
  • Stephen Machaby: American professional boxer and kickboxer
  • Jennifer Machaby: American professional wrestler and MMA fighter
  • Catherine Machaby: American choreographer and dancer
  • John Machaby: American politician and former Mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Chris Machaby: American professional ice hockey player
  • Jon Machaby: American songwriter, producer, and record executive
  • Will Machaby: American actress, singer, and model
  • Mary Ellen Machaby: American philanthropist and activist

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