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Surname Machado - Meaning and Origin

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K. Machado

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Machado: What does the surname Machado mean?

Machado is a surname of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The word 'machado' translates to 'axe' in English. This surname is likely occupational, stemming from the profession of a woodcutter or someone who made axes, similar to the English surname 'Smith' which originated from the occupation of a blacksmith. It was common for surnames to emerge from a person's occupation in medieval Europe. Therefore, people with the surname Machado have ancestors who might have been involved in such professions. Moreover, surnames can also originate from geographical locations. Although 'Machado' primarily indicates an occupational origin, it could also refer to someone living near a prominent physical feature resembling an axe. However, the occupational reference seems to be the most accepted interpretation. Today, Machado is a fairly common surname in Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries.

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Machado: Where does the name Machado come from?

The surname Machado is of Portuguese origin and it translates in English to "axe" or "hatchet". It is believed to have initially emerged as a nickname for someone who either made axes for a living or possibly wielded one with notable skill. The name Machado eventually evolved into a familial surname as the practice of handing down fixed hereditary surnames began to be common.

Today, the surname is particularly common in several areas around the world. In Portugal, it continues to be well-represented. It is also extensively found in Brazil, due to the significant Portuguese influence following Brazil's colonial history. The name Machado has made its way into other regions including Spanish-speaking nations, where it is sometimes adapted as Machuca. It is also prevalent in regions of Africa with historical Portuguese influence. In the United States, the surname is common among Americans of Portuguese and Latin American descent. It is seen in the names of notable people, such as the acclaimed American novelist and short story writer, Antonio Machado, and the professional baseball player, Manny Machado.

Variations of the surname Machado

The surname Machado is of Portuguese and Spanish origin, derived from the word ‘machado’ which means ‘axe’. Primarily, this was an occupational name given to a woodcutter or someone who made or used axes.

Different variants of the surname include Machuca, Machucas, Machadoa, Machucho, Machota, Machoe, Macha, Machadillo, Machados, Machad, and Machadinho — based on regional dialects, phonetics, or familial lines.

Often, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups by occupation, place of origin, physical attributes, or even physical characteristics (like red hair). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Europe and Asia where it was very common for one name to be recorded in various ways throughout history. The surname Machado has been spelled many ways over centuries. The spelling variations reflect the uniqueness of the idiomatic expressions of different languages and cultures.

Moreover, the Spanish or Portuguese equivalents of the surname originating from the same root (i.e., 'axe') are Hachado, Fachado, Axado, and Achado. Any surname carrying the meaning 'axe' in other languages could be considered to have the same roots as Machado although they may sound very different.

Famous people with the name Machado

  • Manny Machado: Major League Baseball player
  • Gustavo Machado: Mixed martial arts fighter
  • Katia Machado: Brazilian actress
  • Martín Fierro Machado: Argentine actor
  • Alex Machado: Brazilian actor
  • Alessandro Machado: Brazilian model
  • Pilar Machado: Argentinian actress
  • Carolina Machado: Brazilian actress
  • Cintia Machado: Brazilian TV director and actress
  • Éuder Machado: Brazilian professional footballer
  • Alexis Machado: Venezuelan film director
  • Wilmer Machado: Venezuelan professional baseball player
  • Marcos Machado: Brazilian composer and singer
  • Carla Machado: Brazilian journalist and writer
  • Leo Machado: Brazilian rock guitarist
  • Hideta Kitazawa: Japanese judoka also known as Machado
  • Antonio Carlos Machado: Brazilian lighter designer
  • Ricardo Machado: Brazilian professional footballer
  • Daiana Machado: Brazilian TV and movie actress
  • Felipe Machado: Brazilian footballer

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