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Surname Mohn - Meaning and Origin

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Mohn: What does the surname Mohn mean?

The surname Mohn is of German origin and directly translates to "poppy" in English. It was derived from the Middle High German term "māhen" which can mean "to mow" or "to reap". Thus, the name might have been originally given as an occupational surname to someone who was a reaper or a mower. Alternatively, given how it translates and the prevalence of nature-based surnames in Germany, it may also reference poppy fields, pointing towards an ancestral connection to regions where poppies were cultivated or places named after poppies. Like many surnames, the meaning could vary based on regional dialects and historical context. Another theory proposed by certain genealogy experts suggests that Mohn might have evolved from the Swedish surname "Mån", which means "moon". There might be multiple layers of interpretation for this surname depending on the particular family lineage and regional influences.

Mohn: Where does the name Mohn come from?

The last name Mohn is most commonly found in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin in the United States. The name is also found in several other countries across Europe and Central Asia, including Germany, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.

In the United States, the name is mostly concentrated in several midwestern states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Mohn ranks as the 17298th most common surname in the United States, suggesting a moderate amount of tracing back to German ancestors in the country.

Minnesota, in particular, has the highest concentration of the Mohn surname; though sparse, clusters of the name are also found in nearby Wisconsin. Unsurprisingly, given the German heritage of the Mohn surname, all but one of Minnesota’s Mohn surnames originate within the northern and western regions of the state, which boasts a large community of German immigrants.

The last name Mohn may also be found scattered in a few other states, although the frequency of the name quickly tapers off outside of the upper Midwest. These few surnames are separated by sizable distances, indicating that the Mohn clan has not yet been able to establish widespread presence across the United States.

Variations of the surname Mohn

The surname Mohn is a surname of Germanic origin, and variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Moehn, Mohne, Mohnn, Mohnn, Mohne, Moh, Mohnen, Mohning, Mohnung, Mohnke, Mohnert, Moenning, Moening, and Mones.

Mohn is derived from the old German name maghan, meaning 'mower', or 'dweller on a moor'. It was also used to denote people from certain mountain villages in Germany where landscapes were covered by swamps or moor. As such, it has been found throughout Germany, especially in the Hessen, Thuringia, Bavaria, and Wesphalia regions.

The Moehn spelling developed from northern Germany, especially in regions of Oldenburg and Lower Saxony. Mohne was popular in East Prussia, but is now rare. It is believed to derive from a pre-Christian god, Mohn-or-Mannus, also known as Tiu.

Other regions of Prussia also used Mohnn, Mohnn and Mohne, with Mohnen coming from East Prussia. The Dutch version of Mohn is Moh, and it is commonly found in Holland and Belgium. Mohnke was used in western Germany, and Mohnert in Bavaria. Moenning, Moening and Mones are found in Hessen, Thuringia and western Prussia.

Overall, Mohn is a Germanic surname with several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Each of these variations has its typical distributions in different regions, reflecting its cultural and geographical origins over many centuries.

Famous people with the name Mohn

  • Richard Mohn, German entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • John Mohn, American actor, best known for his role as Chief Warrant Officer John Mohn from the TV series JAG.
  • Johan Mohn, Norwegian sailboat racer, winner of the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • Ole Mohn, Norwegian businessman who served as the CEO of Ericsson from 1988 to 2002.
  • Reinhard Mohn, German entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder of the Bertelsmann media empire.
  • Johann Mohn, German theologian and hymn writer.
  • Michael Mohn, American ice hockey player most notably for the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League's Newfoundland Beard Growers.
  • Monica Mohn, Norwegian author and illustrator.
  • Jorunn Mohn, Norwegian politician and the former County Mayor of Rogaland.
  • Gerd Mohn, German writer and author of several books about nature and conservation.

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