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Surname Moray - Meaning and Origin

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Moray: What does the surname Moray mean?

The surname Moray is of Scottish origin, derived from a geographical location. It specifically comes from the district of Moray in northeastern Scotland. The name might have been given to those who originally lived in this area. In Gaelic, the term "Moray" means "seaboard settlement," indicating a connection to the coastal region. Ultimately, the meaning of the surname can be interpreted as "one who is from Moray" or "one who lives by the sea." Notably, it was the surname of an influential medieval Scottish noble family; the most famous member being probably Sir Andrew Moray, a prominent military leader during the First War of Scottish Independence.

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Moray: Where does the name Moray come from?

The last name Moray is most commonly found today in Scotland and in areas of Europe with longstanding Scottish connections. It is also relatively common in parts of Canada and the United States, particularly in areas of the country with large Scottish-American populations, such as the Midwest and Appalachia.

Moray is an old, noble Scottish surname derived from a medieval region of northeastern Scotland, known as Moray. It dates back before the 11th century and was originally a territorial name, derived from the region of Moray, which was centered around an old Roman fort situated at the mouth of the River Findhorn.

The clan associated with the Moray surname was traditionally comprised of local land-owning families and was known for their strict adherence to traditional, highland customs and practices. Many of the Morays held titles and offices in the British court, and a number even served as the Sheriff of Moray during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Moray name has endured over the centuries and is now spread across much of the world. Although not as common in the region as it once was, the name is still held fondly by many in Scotland and is recognized and celebrated in many Scottish events and gatherings.

Variations of the surname Moray

Moray is a surname derived from the old barony of Moray in northeastern Scotland. The name is sometimes spelled as Murray, Murrray, Murrie, Morrie and Murry. These variants all stem from the original Gaelic form of the surname, which is spelled as Muireach.

The spelling of the surname Moray varies throughout the Scottish Highlands and is sometimes listed as Muray or Morie. Another form of the name, Murrie, is also popular in Scotland.

The Irish version of the surname is spelled as O'Muireach, which comes from the Gaelic word Muireach, which means "lord" or "noble." There are many variant spellings of this surname in Ireland, including O'Moray, O'Murry, O'Morrie, and O'Murry.

The surname is also common in French-speaking countries, where it is spelled as Morée. It is also spelled Muray in Italy and Moray in Spain.

The variations of the surname can even be found in the United States, where the name can often be found spelled as Murry, Murrye, or Murraye. If the surname is of Germanic origin, then the spelling could also be Morrill, Murrill, or Morill.

In all, there are many different spellings and variations of the surname Moray, each of which were used in different regions of Scotland and throughout Europe.

Famous people with the name Moray

  • Lord Charles Moray (1894-1959), British Air Marshall
  • Ewen Moray (1754-1839), Scottish naval commander
  • George Moray (1843-?) Scottish theologian
  • Jack Moray (c.1920-1995), English footballer
  • Harold Moray (1894-1929), Canadian pianist
  • Susan Moray (1895-1956), American actress
  • Archibald Moray (1823-1902), Scottish scientist
  • Edmund Moray (1741-1812), Scottish minister
  • William Moray (c.1530-1571), Scottish Jesuit
  • Robert Moray (1609-1673), Scottish spy

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