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Surname Mott - Meaning and Origin

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K. Mott

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Mott: What does the surname Mott mean?

The surname "Mott" is of Anglo-Saxon origin from England, and it has two possible meanings. It is derived from the medieval personal name or nickname, "Motte," which means "Brave" or "Bold." Another interpretation is that it is locational, originating from a place named with the Old English pre-7th Century "mote," meaning "moat" or "ditch." Thus, it could have been used to refer to residents who were living by such a location. The surname gained popularity in the Middle Ages and is now found all over the world. Similarly spelled surnames like Mote, Mott, Moote, and Mottay might also share these origins and meanings. As with other surnames, over the centuries, the original spelling and meaning could have changed or have variants due to various factors, including regional dialects and illiteracy. Today, the surname is spread widely, and significance might vary across regions and people.

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Mott: Where does the name Mott come from?

The surname Mott is of Anglo-Saxon origin, arising from England. It is derived from the Old English pre-7th-century word ‘mote’, referring to a ‘moot’ or ‘meeting place’—surveyed mounds of earth where regional affairs were discussed and settled. The name may also be locational, pertaining to places called Mott, Moat, or Mote.

The surname evolved in various forms, including Moat, Moatt, Mote, Motte, Mott, and Motley. Notably, the Mott family played a crucial role in the US' early history, with members settling in New York in the late 17th century and significantly contributing to its growth. In addition, prominent Quaker activists like Lucretia Mott also helped shape America's social and political scenes with their abolitionist and women’s suffrage movements.

Today, the surname Mott is common across English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. According to census data, it has the highest concentration in the US, with regions like New York, Michigan, California and New England housing a significant number of the Mott population.

Variations of the surname Mott

The surname Mott has a variety of spellings and variants that have evolved over time, each influenced by different languages and cultures. Alternate spellings may include Motte, Mote, Mot, Mottet, and Mottu. The variation "Motte" is often found in French-speaking regions and is also a common surname in Germany.

Other possible variants include Motta and Motti, particularly in Italian-speaking regions. The surname Mott can also be found in the form of "Mottey" or "Mottay".

Variant merging of other surnames due to phonetic similarity or dialectal influence may have also resulted in the surname "Mott." For example, in certain regional dialects, the surnames “Moot” or "Mottershead" may have eroded linguistically to resemble "Mott."

It’s also common for surnames to possess other related forms due to kinship or lineage patterns such as matronymic, patronymic or diminutive suffixes. So, surnames like Mottson, Mottsen, Mottin, and Motkin, all appearing to share a common root with Mott, can potentially be looked upon as derivatives or variants of the original surname.

It is important to remember that the existence of various spellings doesn't completely confirm a common origin due to the complexities of surname etymology.

Famous people with the name Mott

  • Florence Ellinwood Allen: a pioneering American judge
  • Steve Mott: an American artist and sculptor
  • Lewis Nixon Mott: an eccentric American naval officer
  • Dana Mott: a Los Angeles-based artist
  • Shelton Mott: an American chemist
  • John Mott: an American Methodist layman and missionary leader
  • Leah Mott: an American musical artist
  • Frederick Mott: an American businessman and philanthropist
  • Abi Mott: an American photographer
  • Luke Mott: an American actor and singer-songwriter

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