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Surname Motz - Meaning and Origin

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Motz: What does the surname Motz mean?

The surname Motz is of German origin and it is an occupational name. Its primary root is derived from the Middle High German "motz" or "motzen," which translates to "to cut up." It was often given to someone who worked as a butcher or was involved in meat cutting or dressmaking. Over time, variances in spelling appear due to regional linguistic differences and transcription errors; thus, it can also be found under different forms such as Mots, Mootz, Mottz, and so on. However, the general meaning remains associated with work that involves cutting or chopping. Despite its German roots, this surname has spread to various parts of the world due to migration and now belongs to families not just in Germany, but also in other countries such as the United States, Canada, and England among others.

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Motz: Where does the name Motz come from?

The last name Motz is most common today in large parts of the United States and Northern Germany. Historically, it can be traced to the regions of Central Europe with records of the name found in cities such as Regensburg and Berlin, Germany. In the United States, the most populated states with the name are Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Ohio.

The exact origin and meaning of the name Motz is uncertain; however, some believe it to be derived from the Old German word "mote," meaning "worm," suggesting farmers and agricultural workers.

In the United States, thougs bearing the name Motz have tended to settle in the same areas for generations, establishing communities in which descendants still live today. In most areas, the name is pronounced with a short "o," so that it rhymes with "nots," rather than "mote-z," as is traditionally done in some German-speaking countries.

Today, Motz is primarily an Americanized German-Jewish surname. People of this name possess varying degrees of Jewish ancestry. As it is a German last name it is likely that they are either of Ashkenazi or Sephardic (from Tauber) descent, and it may be helpful to consult a genealogist when searching for more information.

From an American perspective, there are likely a variety of academic, professional, creative and athletic achievers named Motz, and it is also possible that individuals with the name reside in diverse communities throughout the nation. In Germany, there are still numerous public records and records from the Jewish population that reference the name.

Variations of the surname Motz

Motz is an occupational surname of German origin derived from the Middle High German word mot with the meaning of "maltster". In contemporary German, the word is spelled Mätze and is used to refer to a maltster or brewer. In English-speaking countries the surname is spelled Mottz or Motz, although other variant spellings including Moths, Mottes, Motts and Motte have also been recorded. The surname is particularly common in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony, and is also found in countries including Austria, Holland, and the United States of America. In addition to Motz, some of the other surname of the same origin include Mott, Motte, Mots, and Motsch.

Motz is also found in the form of a Jewish surname, which may have been derived from the Yiddish word motz meaning "victory" or "success". In this case, variants of the surname include Motzen, Metz, Mettes, and Matz.

Other variants of the surname are likely to exist, especially in countries where the surname is less common, such as in South Africa and Australia. The surname may also have been altered over time due to geographical, cultural, or linguistic differences.

Famous people with the name Motz

  • Eric Motz: Former professional baseball player
  • Karen Motz: Olympic medal winning figure skater
  • David Motz: Grammy Award Winning producer
  • Jordan Motz: Professional Canadian Football League player
  • Brian Motz: Professional Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • Wendy Motz: American Artist and Art Teacher
  • Nadine Motz: Professional actress
  • Jana Motz: Professional Yoga Guru
  • Samuel Motz: Canadian professional soccer player
  • Brittany Motz: Professional mixed martial artist
  • Bill Motz: Professional film and television writer
  • Lisa Motz: Entrepreneur and Author
  • Ken Motz: Professional tennis coach
  • John Motz: American Major League Baseball player
  • Raymond Motz: Professional foley artist
  • Harvey Motz: Professional National Football League football player
  • Richard Motz: Camera operator and cinematographer
  • Barry Motz: First Lutheran Church youth director
  • Erich Motz: Professional musical artist
  • Sybil Motz: American painter
  • Cole Motz: Twitch streamer and Internet personality
  • Alex Motz: Professional American football player

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