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Surname Rabinfeld - Meaning and Origin

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Rabinfeld: What does the surname Rabinfeld mean?

The last name Rabinfeld does not have a widely recognized or documented meaning, as its origins are unclear. It seems to be a rare or unique surname. However, it is possible that it may be of Jewish or Eastern European origin, considering the common use of "-feld" in German and Yiddish last names, which usually denotes a geographical feature such as a "field". The "Rabin-" portion could potentially derive from "Rabin" or "Rabbi", terms related to Jewish faith and culture. Thus, a speculative interpretation of Rabinfeld could be a "Rabbi's field" or "Rabin's field". Please note this interpretation is speculative, and further research into individual family history and genealogy would provide a more accurate understanding of the name's origin and meaning. It's also possible that some surnames might have evolved or be corrupted over years, making their meanings obscure. If you bear this surname or you know someone who does, the best way to know its precise significance might be to trace your ancestry or consider a professional genealogical service.

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Rabinfeld: Where does the name Rabinfeld come from?

The surname Rabinfeld is most commonly found in Eastern Europe. Specifically, Ukrainian and Russian Jewish records indicate much of the family’s heritage there. It is also widely used in countries such as France, Israel, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, and the United States.

Recent census data from the US indicates that the first name has declined slightly since 2000, but it is still fairly common today. According to the United States Census Bureau, 1,872 individuals with the last name of Rabinfeld were living in the US in 2015. Of those, the majority of them (831 individuals) were located in New York State. Other significant concentrations were primarily located in Florida and California.

The last name has a fascinating etymology. While many believe it comes from the Hebrew words for “Rabbi” and “field”, meaning a field belonging to a Rabbi, other theories suggest that the last name might have originated from the Jewish forename Ruben, and the German word “feld”, referring to a field or open plain.

Overall, the last name Rabinfeld is still very much alive today, particularly in countries in Eastern Europe, and is most likely to be found in the US in those states that have larger Jewish populations.

Variations of the surname Rabinfeld

The surname Rabinfeld is derived from the Jewish family name "Rapaport," which comes from the German language and translates to "son of Raphael." This surname can have a variety of spellings and surnames of the same origin, with the most common variations listed below.

Rabinovich: This variation of Rabinfeld is derived from the Hebrew "Rabban" and translates to "Rabbi."

Rabinowitz: This version of the surname is a combination of two Hebrew words, "Rabban" and " steadily," an adjective meaning "powerful."

Rabb: This is the anglicized version of Rabinfeld, and it translates to "raven."

Rapoport: This is the German spelling of the surname, and is the most widely used variation.

Rufman: This surname is believed to be derived from the Hebrew name "Ruffina."

Ruphin: Another variation of Rabinfeld that is of German origin and translates to "red-haired."

Rifkin: This is another anglicized version of Rabinfeld and is derived from the Hebrew word "Riphim" meaning "members of the same tribe."

Rubenstein: This variation of the surname is derived from the German words "rubin" meaning "ruby" and "stein" meaning "stone."

Rabinek: This is a combination of "Rabban" and the Polish word "ek" which translates as "little one."

Rabinhill: This variation of the surname is derived from the German words "Raben" meaning "raven," and "Hill" meaning "hill."

These are the variants and spellings of the surname Rabinfeld, which all share the same origin. Each of these surnames can be traced back to the same Jewish family name, "Rapaport."

Famous people with the name Rabinfeld

  • David Rabinfeld: an American police officer who was the model for the commanding officer of the 73rd precinct in Brooklyn in NBC's police drama series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Anatoly Rabinfeld: a Russian-born American physicist and professor at Rutgers University.
  • Chaim Rabinfeld: a British-born Modern Orthodox rosh yeshiva, the head of a yeshiva, who is known for communal service to the Jews of London.
  • Geula Rabinfeld: an Israeli actress best known for her work in the 1964 film Sallah Shabati, for which she won the Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Actress.
  • Daniel Rabinowitz: an Israeli professor of sociology at Tel Aviv University and a former member of the Knesset.
  • Naomi Rabinfeld: an Israeli actress and singer known for her role as “Dahlia” in the 2011 Israeli film The Women’s Balcony.
  • Robert Rabinfeld: an American journalist, television producer, and executive. He has received three Emmy Awards for his news broadcasts.
  • Mike Rabinowitz: an American jazz saxophonist and music educator, best known for his numerous contributions to the musical scores of television and film.
  • Mordecai Rabinfeld: an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and patron of the arts. He is a descendant of the Hasidic master of the Jewish mysticism, the Rabinowitz dynasty.
  • Itzchak Rabin: an Israeli film director and cinematographer who directed 30 films, including the 1948 classic Escape from Jerusalem.

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