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Surname Wadrell - Meaning and Origin

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Wadrell: What does the surname Wadrell mean?

The last name Wadrell is of English origin and dates back to the 12th century. It is derived from the Old English words wad meaning “watch” and ræl, meaning “retinue”. Thus, it can be interpreted to mean “someone who stands guard” or “keeper of the watch”.

The Wadrell surname is thought to have first been used by those in the service of kings and royalty, protecting the kingdom. Over time, the name became loosely associated with those who held a military rank or post, and eventually came to be used to identify people of any occupation.

In the mid-13th century, records show the Earls of Boulogne, Hastings and Lea to be amongst the first hereditary families to bear the name Wadrell. By 1721, the name was prominent in England primarily in West Yorkshire and Staffordshire, with concentrations also in the Northern parts of Ireland.

Today, the Wadrell surname is primarily found in the United Kingdom and several parts of Ireland, and is still just as prevalent as it was centuries ago. It remains a name connected to strength and power, and the person bearing it continues to be seen as a respected leader.

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Wadrell: Where does the name Wadrell come from?

The last name Wadrell is most commonly found in the United States and the United Kingdom today. Within the US, Wadrell appears to be focused in the South, mainly in Georgia, Florida, and Texas, although there are a small number of Wadrell families spread out throughout the midwest, northeast, and some western states. In the UK, Wadrell chiefly appears to be concentrated in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Worcestershire, although there are smaller numbers in other counties as well.

Outside of the US and UK, Wadrell appears to have Irish origins. Irish Wadrells can be found mainly in the area around Dublin, although there are a few other small clusters throughout the country. There are also smaller numbers of Wadrells with roots in Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In terms of total numbers, the Wadrell name is not particularly common, although it does appear in some communities across the US and the UK. Most Wadrells today trace back to English and Irish origins, although there may be more distant families from elsewhere who share the same surname.

Variations of the surname Wadrell

The Wadrell surname has a long history in Britain, stretching back to the Middle Ages. Its original spelling was Waderhale, derived from Old English ‘waed’ meaning ‘to hunt’ and ‘halelse’, meaning ‘hollow’ or ‘hills’. This origin suggests the name was originally used to refer to someone who belonged to a hunting or trapping family.

Over time, the spelling of Wadrell has changed in various ways. Common variants of the name include Waddrell, Waddel, Waddill, Wadmin, Weddell, and Weddel. Many of these names could have arisen from a simple error in recording or pronunciation.

The Wadrell surname has also been used as a patronymic (father’s name) or matronymic (mother’s name) in some instances. For example, the name Wadell is derived from the Old English ‘Wada’s’, a short form of Wada that denoted a man from the Middle Ages.

The Wadrell surname is closely associated with the Redshaw and Goatson families. In the 18th century, the families of both Wadrell and Redshaw worked together in the manufacture of woollen cloth.

In more recent times, Wadrell has been used as a more generalised term in Britain, used to refer to anyone of western European or Scandinavian origin.

No matter what spelling is used, the Wadrell surname has a long and interesting history in Britain. Variants of the name have been used throughout the centuries, with each bearing its own unique story.

Famous people with the name Wadrell

  • Ryan Wadrell: Actor from Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Steve Wadrell: Special Education Teacher
  • Brad Wadrell: Texas State Representative
  • Donny Wadrell: American football linebacker
  • Thomas Wadrell: Choirmaster, organist, and conductor
  • Commander Wilfred Wadrell: Recipient of the Distinguished Service Order
  • Steve Wadrell: American film and television actor
  • Kristin Wadrell: Participant in the reality TV series Big Brother
  • Brien Wadrell: Commercial photographer
  • Dr. Paul Wadrell: Cardiologist and director of a cardiovascular research laboratory
  • J. William Wadrell: Civil War General
  • Wendell Wadrell: Member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Kathleen Wadrell: Political writer
  • William Fred Wadrell: Brigadier General in the U.S. Army
  • Lisa Wadrell: Journalist and radio broadcaster
  • Rodger Wadrell: Canadian lightweight rower
  • LaVema Wadrell: Poet and writer
  • Kenneth Wadrell: Marine Corps officer
  • Mary Wadrell: Visual artist
  • Charles G. Wadrell: US Congressman from Ohio
  • Charles Willard Wadrell: Recipient of the Legion of Merit
  • Quinn Wadrell: Business leader, entrepreneur
  • Dr. Robert C. Wadrell: Surgeon and disability rights advocate
  • Brian Wadrell: President of The Alley, an innovation incubator

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