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Surname Wadsworth - Meaning and Origin

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L. Wadsworth

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Wadsworth: What does the surname Wadsworth mean?

The surname Wadsworth is of English origin and is believed to be derived from a place name. It's a combination of the Old English words "wad," meaning "woad" (a plant that produces a blue dye) and "worth," meaning an "enclosure" or "homestead." Thus, the name is typically interpreted as meaning "the homestead where woad grows." Woad was a valuable commodity in the medieval times due to its function as a blue dye for textiles. The name is associated with the area around West Yorkshire in England, where several places carry the Wadsworth name. The surname dates back to at least the 13th century in written records. Like many surnames originating from place names, it likely was first used by individuals who lived or came from an area known as Wadsworth.

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Wadsworth: Where does the name Wadsworth come from?

The last name Wadsworth is most commonly found in North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. It is also present in places all across the world, from England and Scotland to New Zealand and Australia.

In the United States, the Wadsworth surname is most widely found in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. It is especially common in cities such as Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia. A concentration of the Wadsworth surname is also found in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

In England, the Wadsworth surname is most commonly associated with the city of Manchester. In Scotland, the majority of people with the surname Wadsworth were found in the North Lanarkshire and East Lothian regions.

There are also a large number of Wadsworths living in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and various other countries across the globe. Overall, it appears that the Wadsworth surname is quite widespread and easily traceable throughout the world.

Variations of the surname Wadsworth

The Wadsworth surname has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Common variants of the surname Wadsworth include Waddesworth, Wadsworthe, Wardsworth, and Wardsworth. These variants are most commonly found in England.

In addition to the English variants, the Welsh variant Wadus can also be found. The variant Waddus is also sometimes used for the Welsh Wadsworth surname. The Irish variant Waddas can also be found, and is less commonly used today.

The English Wadsworth family is believed to have derived its name from a family estate named Waddesworth in Yorkshire. This estate was first mentioned in the Domesday Book as "Wade's Worth".

The spelling of the Wadsworth surname has changed over time. The surname is also seen spelled as Waddsworth, Warsworth, and Wastworth. Other surnames that descend from the Wadsworth family line include Woodsworth, Wootsworth, Wadesworth, and Whaworth.

In Scotland, the Wadsworth surname is seen as Wadie and Waddie. The Wadie and Waddie variations of the family name are derived from the 11th-century personal name Wada. The variations Wadstone and Wadistone can also be found in Scotland, and are believed to be from the first son of the Wada clan.

Overall, the Wadsworth surname has many variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variants can be found in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Famous people with the name Wadsworth

  • James Wadsworth (1807: 1864): United States politician and military officer from New York.
  • Ashley Wadsworth (born 1987): American soccer player.
  • Nicole Wadsworth (born 1982): American actress.
  • John Wadsworth (1917: 1997): American pianist, composer, and music producer.
  • Janice Wadsworth (1937: 2013): American equestrian.
  • Robert Wadsworth (1621: 1695): Colonial and pro-royalist settler from Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Arthur Wadsworth (1919:1994): American author.
  • Thomas Wadsworth (1590: 1657): English Puritan minister.
  • Jack Wadsworth (1907: 1970): American actor.
  • Sydney Wadsworth (1901: 1985): Ugandan botanist.
  • Hilda Wadsworth (1902: 2006): English historian.
  • Bruce Wadsworth (born 1925): American industrialist.
  • Isaac Wadsworth (1795: 1858): American politician from Vermont.
  • Edward Wadsworth (1889: 1949): English painter, printmaker, and vector graphic artist.
  • Algernon Wadsworth (1882: 1968): English diplomat.
  • John Wadsworth, Jr. (1754: 1844): British colonial soldier from Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Lillie Wadsworth (1901: 1992): British-born Canadian politician.
  • LeRoy Wadsworth (1860: 1927): American painter.
  • Arthur Wadsworth (1808: 1870): American poet and artist.
  • Jennifer Wadsworth (born 1983): Australian television presenter.

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