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Surname Waehning - Meaning and Origin

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Waehning: What does the surname Waehning mean?

The last name Waehning is a German name that originates from East Prussia, which is now part of Poland and Russia. The name Waehning is thought to be derived from the German word “Wahnen” meaning “to watch”, “to guard”, or “to be on the lookout”.

During the Middle Ages when surnames first developed, people in Europe often took on protective-sounding names in order to help identify and protect their families from invaders. These names often reflected characteristics of the person who adopted the name or action-oriented terms such as the one associated with the Waehning family.

The surname Waehning migrated to other countries over time, resulting in Waehnings living all over the world today. Those with the Waehning surname come from a variety of backgrounds and have held many occupations. During the Middle Ages, the people most likely to have the Waehning surname were professional soldiers. In more modern times, Waehnings have been policemen, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

The surname Waehning carries with it a sense of duty, honor, and care for ones own family. Those with this surname are known to seek justice and protection for their loved ones. Add to that the adventurous spirit of the Waehnings of the past, and we have a family that is ready to defend and uphold what is right in the face of any opposition.

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Waehning: Where does the name Waehning come from?

The last name Waehning is most commonly found in Germany today. The Waehning surname is of German origin and is derived from a place name near Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein. Records of the name from medieval times are found with the Waehningen Land family such as Johannes Waehninger, who was born in the town of Schleswig in 1540. Other variants of the name include Wähning, Waehnung, Waehninger, and Wähnsten.

Today, this surname is found most often in the north German states, with the highest concentration in Schleswig-Holstein. Here, the surname appears in the records of many towns and villages, including Kappeln, Rendsburg, and Heide. It is also found in the states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In terms of international distribution, the Waehning surname has been relatively common in the U.S. since the late 19th century. The name is still relatively common today, although its frequency varies regionally. The highest concentrations are found in California, followed by Illinois, New York, Texas, and Michigan. Waehning is also found in much smaller numbers in other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Waehning

The surname Waehning is thought to originate in Germany, and can be found in various locations throughout Europe, particularly in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The variants for the surname Waehning are numerous as different spellings and spellings originating from different regions have been adopted.

The most common variant of the Waehning surname is Wahning, which is also, in some cases, spelt Wahning or Wanning. Both Varahning and Varning are variations of the same name, and have similar origins to the original Waehning. Waaning is also a variant of Waehning that can be found in some areas of Europe. Other variants of the name Waehning have been found, including Vahning, Wainning and Wahnning.

Other surnames of similar origins to Waehning are Wehning, Wehninger, Vahninger and Waahning. The spellings Waening, Waeningen and Waining are also variants of the same origin.

The surnames Waeninger and Waenninger are also associated with the original Waehning and share common roots with other variants. Weneger and Wenninger are similar, and some members of the Waehning family may have adopted these scriptural variations at some stage.

The surnames Wehninger and Weninger may have also derived from the original Waehning, and are equally dispersed throughout Europe. In some isolated instances, the name has been further augmented to include a broader range of spelling variations, with Wanniger, Weninger and Veninger also appearing as variants of the Waehning surname.

Famous people with the name Waehning

  • Alexander Waehning: German politician from the Free Democratic Party
  • Denis Waehning: German footballer (midfielder)
  • Katja Waehning: German television presenter
  • Lesja Waehning: Norwegian politician with the Liberal Party
  • Stefan Waehning: German track and field athlete, Olympic runner
  • Ulf Waehning: German privacy lawyer
  • Vertina Waehning: German artist and fashion designer
  • Waldemar Waehning: German football coach, former professional player
  • Walter Waehning: Brazilian sprint canoeist
  • Yoma Waehning: German professional basketball player

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