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Surname wagett - Meaning and Origin

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wagett: What does the surname wagett mean?

The last name Wagett is believed to have originated in the Netherlands. It is derived from the word “wag”, which means “to move quickly”. The suffix “ett” suggests someone who is active and untiring, suggesting that the Wagett family is full of hard workers and entrepreneurs.

The surname Wagett first appeared in records in the 1400s. It has been linked to members of various notable families such as the Van Wagett family of Amsterdam, who were merchants and artisans, and the Wagett family of the Friesland region who were known to be doctors and scientists.

The Wagett family has a history of being highly successful in the trades and professions they pursued. The name is believed to carry with it a sense of ambition, courage and determination. The Wagett family is associated with activities such as shipbuilding, trade, navigation and military service and many members of the family have achieved success in these and other areas.

The legacy of the Wagett family has been passed down through the generations. People who carry the Wagett surname may feel a sense of pride and ownership to their family’s long history of success. Not only is this legacy a source of pride and motivation, but it also provides hope for future generations to continue making a positive contribution to society.

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wagett: Where does the name wagett come from?

Today, the surname Wagett is most commonly found in the United States. The origins of the name can be traced back to Germany, and it is believed to be an Americanized version of the name Wagner. The most concentrated population of this surname is found in the state of Ohio, and it is also spread out across many other parts of the country, such as Wisconsin, California, the Midwest, and the East Coast.

While the exact origin of the name is uncertain, one popular theory is that it derived from the German word “Wagen” for wagon or cart. It’s likely that the first Wagett to come to America was a wagon maker, which might explain why the surname is most commonly found in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, which were well-known for their wagon-making traditions.

The prevalence of the Wagett surname appears to be on the decline, but it is still found in many genealogical records. It is often confused with other similar-sounding names like Wagley, Wagner, Waggoner, and Waggoner. These similar names might suggest that there is a common ancestry connecting all those who share this surname, though much more research is necessary to confirm this hypothesis.

Overall, the surname Wagett is most commonly found in the United States, with the concentration of it in the state of Ohio being particularly noteworthy. Its origin is still uncertain, but a popular theory ties it to the German word “Wagen” for wagon or cart. It may be becoming less common in modern times, but it is still found in many genealogical records.

Variations of the surname wagett

The surname Wagett is an uncommon variant of the more familiar surname Waggott. It likely originated from one of two given names, ‘Wacian’ or ‘Wigan’, both of which are from old Anglo-Saxon origins. Over the centuries, Wagett has mutated, developing regional dialect spellings, variants, and alternate surnames. Variants include Waggitt, Wageot, Waggot, Waggat, and Wakeatt.

In England, the spelling of Waggot can be found as early as the 13th century and is recorded in the tax rolls of the feudal province of Cheshire. Still in the region today, the Wagett spelling is rarely found beyond the 12th century.

Spelling variants of Wagett include Waggat, Waggitt, Wagget, Waggot, Holehouse Waggot, and Wigott. Other variants of the surname are Wakeatt, Weggott, Waggott, Wackett, Wedgett, and Weggatt. Regional dialect spellings are found throughout England, including Waggit in the North West Midlands, Wacian in the South West Midlands, and Wageot in the South East Midlands.

Two of the most avoidant surnames of Wagett are Wakeeifts' and Wedgetts'. These are believed to be either Norse or Icelandic origin.

Surnames are a direct link to a family's heritage, and the spellings, variants, and alternate surnames of Wagett offer a window into the complexity of its ancestry.

Famous people with the name wagett

  • Trevor Wagett: American actor known for roles on television shows such as Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Baywatch, and Wings.
  • Jessie Wagett: British Olympic diver who represented England in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and competed in the 2012 London Olympics.
  • Gary Wagette: Former professional ice hockey player who played for several teams in the National Hockey League.
  • Eric Waggett: English footballer who played for Cardiff City and Reading and later became a manager.
  • Sophia Wagette: Former child actress who is best known for her roles in Disney movies such as High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls.
  • Kat Wagette: Popular YouTube personality and vlogger who has over 800K subscribers.
  • Kris Wagette: Professional basketball player from the Philippines who plays for the Powerade Tigers.
  • Steve Wagett: Jazz musician and composer who has released multiple albums such as “Parted Seas” and “Seasons’ Turning.”
  • William Wagett: British artist known for his work in printmaking, painting, and sculpture.
  • Richard Wagett: British army officer who served as the General Officer Commanding the British Military Mission in Afghanistan.

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