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Surname Wähning - Meaning and Origin

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Wähning: What does the surname Wähning mean?

The last name Wähning is of German origin and likely refers to the Dutch or German word "waning", which means to decrease or become weak. It is likely that at some point in time, a person with this name had a characteristic or trait that represented this meaning. As a surname, Wähning generally serves as a reminder of this trait, probably referring to a family trait or the quality of one of its first holders.

The Wähning family is spread across several European countries and the United States, typically residing in cities and towns along the Rhine and other nearby river valleys. In the United States, the Wähning family is concentrated in the Midwestern states.

Today, the Wähnings are often viewed as a hard-working, close-knit clan that values education and tradition. They are proud of their heritage and take great care in maintaining it. The Wähnings also have a knack for entrepreneurship and drive, as evidenced by the many successful businesses in the family name.

In essence, the Wähning surname and its variations embody qualities of determination, perseverance, and resilience. Its bearer is seen for being progressive, reliable, and trustworthy. Little has changed since the time of its origin; the Wähning family still stands as an example of integrity, leadership, and strength.

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Wähning: Where does the name Wähning come from?

The last name Wähning is most common in Germany today. According to a search of the German phone directory, Das Telefonbuch, there are currently over 6,500 people in Germany carrying this surname. It is most prominent in the northern and western areas of the country, particularly in the states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Outside of Germany, Wähning is sometimes spelled Wahning or Wahrning. This surname can also be found in areas of Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The origin of the name Wähning can be traced back centuries. It is thought to be derived from the personal name Wahne or Wahrer, which was popular in medieval Germany. It was most likely given to a son when his father wished to express a sense of "esteem, or joy" in the new baby's arrival.

Today, Wähning is a fairly common last name. It is most common in Germany, but can also be found in other parts of Europe.

Variations of the surname Wähning

The surname Wähning is of German origin and has many variants and spellings.

The most common variants are Waening, Waeninger, Wahning, Wahninger, Wanning, Wehning and Weninger. It is also spelled as Weening, Weeninger, Wénning and Wöhning or Wahninger.

The surname can also be found written as Wainning, Wähni, Wähninger, Wahtimann, Wahinger and Wäning.

Often, the surname is rendered as Wening or Wenning, variations are Weninger and Wenninger.

The variants are mostly of a spelling pronunciation, whereas other variants may be found based on regional or dialectal differences. For instance, Wenning may occur in the North German regions, Westphalia and Rhineland, as well as in Austria and South Germany.

The surname may also take the form of Ahrend, Ameling, Amberg, Ambrus, Angert, Angerth, Awering, Ausinger, Eulenberger, Eulenbruch, Jeuling, Kwihning, Kwenning, Öoling, Öhning, Ölling, Ömkg, Ording, Ohde, Reller, Reußling, Rehling, Reeve, Porath, Petsche, Poenning, Bittlingmayer, Büshüvel, Bethke, Bruning, Boening, Boehmer, Burking, Busse, Cechmon, Chudzik, Chuse, Dansmayer, Henl, Hengel, Henrichs, Herczeg, Hessel, Herling, Janssen, Jürgens, Kusserow, Kranz, Lindner, Mussell, Nanz, Winkelmann, etc.

The variants of the surname often depend on the part of Germany it is located in. Additionally, the variants may also vary depending on the language that it is spoken in, such as English, German, French, or Dutch.

Famous people with the name Wähning

  • Pierre Wähning (1913-1999) was a German stage and film actor.
  • Peter Wähning (1925-2017) was a German actor and voice actor.
  • Ernst Wähning (born 1923) is a German cartoonist and author.
  • Heinz Wähning (born 1931) is a German composer, conductor and musician.
  • Hans-Joachim Wähning (born 1952) is a German sports official and former footballer.
  • Juergen Wähning (born 1964) is a German professor and theoretician in Cognitive Science.
  • Galtür Wähning (born 1978) is a German former alpine skier.
  • Jörg Wähning (born 1961) is a German former footballer.
  • Walter Wähning (born 1935) is a German former football player and manager.
  • Jana Wähning (born 1965) is a German media artist, film director and script doctor.

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