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Surname Wähnl - Meaning and Origin

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Wähnl: What does the surname Wähnl mean?

The last name Wähnl is a German-origin surname. It is derived from the Middle High German word "wahnen" which means "to charter, to lease, to scale, or to appoint". Such a name likely began as a nickname for someone who acted as a steward or who leased or chartered land or property. The name could also originate from the Middle High German word "wahnden" which means "to observe", suggesting a nickname for someone of keen observation and a sharp eye.

In modern-day Germany, there are numerous variations on the name Wähnl, including Wahn, Wahnle, Wahnert, Waohnle, and Wohnle. Its usage within Germany is mainly concentrated in the southern regions, although it is also fairly common in the states of Saxony, Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria.

In the US, the name has gained popularity in the last few decades, especially in areas with strong German roots such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, andWisconsin. The Wähnl name is highly associated with the German culture and has a pleasant, slightly exotic ring to it in other parts of the world.

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Wähnl: Where does the name Wähnl come from?

The last name Wähnl is common today primarily in the German-speaking countries of Europe. It is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Additionally, the name is present in parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, likely due to immigration of Germans into those countries in centuries past.

Within Germany specifically, the frequency of occurrence of the name Wähnl is highest in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Furthermore, regions of the Austrian states of Salzburg and Tyrol also show a high incidence of the name.

The Wähnl family is thought to have Germanic origins, with the name derived from the root word “wahl,” meaning “foreigner” or “stranger.” To this day, the Wähnl surname bears this meaning, as its bearer could be described as “the one from outside.”

The Wähnl family may be one of the oldest of its kind in Germany. A belief and following has developed amongst its members over the centuries, with many families maintaining a regional identity and a shared set of values and culture. They even boast a coat of arms, suggesting they were once considered a family of nobility in the region.

Today, the Wähnl name remains synonymous with loyalty and honor, and a strong sense of family pride is evident in those who bear it.

Variations of the surname Wähnl

The surname Wähnl (also spelled Wahnl) is an occupational surname of German origin that means "tailor." Variants of this surname include Wohnl, Wahenl, Wehnl, Beirlein, and Bayerlein.

Wahnl is a derivative of the German surname Waehnlein, which specifically referred to a tailor. The FamilySearch website states that the German names Waehnlein and Waehnl, and variants such as Wehnlein and Wehnl, are derived from the old German word "wah" meaning "tailor". Any of the variants of the surname Waehnlein may be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

An earlier form of the surname is Beirlein, believed to have been used since the 14th century. This name stems from the old German word “beier,” meaning “tailor.” A variant of this name, Bayerlein, also referred to a tailor or a cloth seller.

The surname Wähnl has been found in various spellings in countries outside of German-speaking regions, such as the Netherlands, England and the United States. Variations in spelling found include Wallen, Wallin, Waller, Wallner, Wallrich and Wallick.

In conclusion, a variety of surnames are related to the original German surname Wähnl. It is important to note that there may be multiple spellings and variations of these surnames, due to the language and region in which the surname originated. Ultimately these surnames all refer to an individual who practices tailoring or fabric selling, and therefore have the same family origin.

Famous people with the name Wähnl

  • Erna Wähnl (German actress, director and screenwriter)
  • Wilhelm Wähnl (German aircraft engine designer)
  • Christina Wähnl (German politician)
  • Eduard Wähnl (German theologian and church historian)
  • Conny Wähnl (German alpine skier, Paralympic gold medalist)
  • Hermann Wähnl (German politician and academic)
  • Stephanie Wähnl (German actress)
  • Rudolf Wähnl (Austrian sculptor)
  • Gerhard Wähnl (German politician)
  • Rudolf Wähnl (German painter and lithographer)
  • Diana Wähnl (German actress)
  • Alfred Wähnl (German automotive engineer)
  • Margarita Wähnl (German filmmaker and producer)
  • Maria Wähnl (German operatic contralto singer)
  • Angelika Wähnl (German sculptor)
  • Anne Wähnl (German actress)
  • Jonathan Wähnl (German footballer)
  • Wolfgang Wähnl (German footballer)
  • Max Wähnl (German author and scholar)
  • Hans Wähnl (German painter)

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