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Surname Wahrlich - Meaning and Origin

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Wahrlich: What does the surname Wahrlich mean?

The last name Wahrlich is a German surname with multiple possible origins. The most common theory is that it derives from the old German word “wahr”, which means “true”, “faithful”, or “sincere”. Consequently, the name Wahrlich is thought to have originally been descriptive of someone who was known for their truthfulness and dependability. Alternatively, some believe that the name originated from a place name, such as the municipality of Groß-Jaritz in Vienna, Austria, or the abandoned town of Wahlrich near Nuremberg. In addition, the surname may have been derived from an old German word for “currant”.

The variant spelling of Wahrlich is Wahrlick, and it is found primarily in southwestern Germany. Bearers of the name can be found in Prussia, Austria, and in areas of Austria that are present-day parts of the Czech Republic. The name is also found in the United States and Canada, as well as other parts of the world.

In modern times, Wahrlich is a popular name in German-speaking countries. It is a reminder of the importance of truth, faithfulness, and dependability – qualities that have long been prized in German culture.

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Wahrlich: Where does the name Wahrlich come from?

The surname Wahrlich is most commonly found in Germany today. The name means 'true' or 'genuine' in German, and is likely of nickname origin. Records of people bearing the name date back to at least the 14th century in Germany, and the name can also be found in Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking countries.

In modern-day Germany, the name is most frequent in Bavaria, but it is also seen in other states like Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Baden-Württemberg. The highest concentration of the name Wahrlich is found in Aschaffenburg, a city in Bavaria. In other countries, the surname can be found in France, Czech Republic, and a few in the United States.

Historically, the surname Wahrlich was commonly associated with farmers and people from rural areas in Germany. Today, many people who bear the surname are living in larger towns and cities, and it can be seen in all levels of society.

Overall, the surname is still commonly seen in Germany and throughout Central Europe, even if not as pervasive as it once was. The name is still associated with a quality of honesty and sincerity, much like it was hundreds of years ago when it first emerged.

Variations of the surname Wahrlich

Wahrlich is a German surname which can be found in records as early as the 16th century. Over the centuries, it has developed multiple variants, spelling variations, and derived surnames. Some of the variants which the surname is believed to have evolved from include Wörlich, Wohrlich, Warlich, Würlich, and Wörlitsch.

Würlich is the most common variant of Wahrlich, with records of the surname spelling dating back to Crottendorf in 1601. Other spelling variations of the surname Würlich include Warlich, Wohrlich, Wirlich, and Worrlich. In Austria, the surname has been recorded as Wuerlich since 1694.

The surname Wahrlich has also been used as an abbreviated form of Würtlich, which is derived from the medieval German word ‘Wurt’ meaning ‘protect’. Within German culture, names which contain the suffix ‘lich’ often refer to descriptors like ‘well-known’ and ‘famous’. As such, it’s reasonable to assume that Wahrlich suggests a ‘well-known protection’ or ‘famous guardian’.

Whilst the ‘h’ in Wahrlich is often left out, it has been preserved in other surnames derived from the name. Examples include Warhell, Wohhell, and Wohell, which are all derived from the original Wahrlich.

In terms of alternative surnames of the same origin, some sources suggest that Warlich and Versligh may also have the same root as Wahrlich. Whilst there is no conclusive evidence to suggest a link between the two, it is possible that they have evolved from the same root.

Famous people with the name Wahrlich

  • Jim Wahrlich: Actor, stuntman and fight choreographer in movies such as The Expendables 2, The Punisher and I Robot.
  • Austin Wahrlich: Professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour from 2002: 2011.
  • Gottfried Wahrlich: German cyclist who participated in the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Jan Wahrlich: German sprint canoeist who Competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.
  • infuture Wahrlich: German DJ and producer, who producing and remixing music since 2004.
  • Claus Wahrlich: German composer who wrote musicals such as "Im Tal des Schweigens” and “Der Wohltätigkeitsball.”
  • Jakob Wahrlich:German politician who served as a National Council representative between 1919-1933.
  • Arthur Wahrlich: German aviator who held various air show performances between 1910 and 1914.
  • Mignon Wahrlich: American artist, illustrator, and sculptor who exhibited in various shows and galleries nationally and internationally.
  • Carla Wahrlich: American artist, jewelry designer and entrepreneur, who graduated from the University of Texas and founded the Wahrlich Creative jewelry line.

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