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Surname Waitho - Meaning and Origin

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Waitho: What does the surname Waitho mean?

The surname Waitho is of Kenyan origin, commonly found among the Kikuyu community. The exact meaning of the family name Waitho is not easily defined as it appears to be a composite of Kikuyu words. However, it's important to understand that in African cultures, names often denote certain characteristics, important events, or are related to the circumstances of the birth of the child. So, the meaning of the name Waitho might be family-specific or particular to the context in which it was first used. It's also important to note that the meaning of African names can vary hugely from language to language and even from one region to another, depending on the local dialect and traditions.

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Waitho: Where does the name Waitho come from?

The last name Waitho is relatively uncommon today and is primarily found in East Africa. Waitho is thought to be of Kalenjin origin, a Kalenjin being the collective term for an ethnic group in the Great Rift Valley, comprising of the Kipsigis, Marakwet, Keiyo, Tugen, Nandi, and Pokot communities.

In recent years, County Governments in Kenya have pursued a policy of devolution, creating distinct administrative identities in the form of County Governments. Waitho can now be primarily found in places like Uasin Gishu County, which includes Nandi County, the town of Eldoret, as well as the divisions of Turbo, Moiben, Kesses, and Ainabkoi.

Evidence of Waitho abroad can be found in diaspora communities of Kenyan origin, such as in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America.

In England, the Waitho surname is found primarily in Hertfordshire, with a Waitho surname associated with the East African community in the local government district of Stevenage.

In the US, a family of Kenyan origin with the Waitho surname is located in Texas – most notably in the city of Houston.

Generally, those with the Waitho surname are found as either a part of diaspora communities of Kenyan origin, or in places in East Africa where the Kalenjin ethnicity is most prominent.

Variations of the surname Waitho

The surname Waitho is a variant of the Germanic personal name Wido meaning “wood”. It is also spelled as Waite, Waito, and Waighte. Waitho originated as a patrilineal surname in Britain, but can now be found in other areas of the world where its bearer has migrated.

Variants of the surname Waitho include Waite, Waighte, and Waito. Waite is derived from the Old French name “Wait”, which is a Germanic name derived from Wido. Waighte is a variant of Waite and was likely a nickname given to a tall person. Waito is a variant of Waite and is potentially derived from the Old English word “waiten”, which means “watchman” or “guard”.

Surnames derived from the same origin as Waitho include Wait, Waite, White, Wight, Widick, Whidbee, Wide and Widecher. Wait is the modern variant of Waitho, which is derived from the Old French name “Wait”. Waite is a synonym of Waitho, while White is an English surname derived from the Old French element “blanc”, which means “white”. Widick is a German variant of Waitho, while Whidbee and Wide are variant spellings of the English surname Wight. Widecher is a German variant derived from the biblical name Wicher, which means “one who carries a whistle”.

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Waitho form a diverse and interesting family history and heritage for its many bearers around the world.

Famous people with the name Waitho

  • Priscilla Waitho: Kenyan Professor and politician
  • Joab Waitho: Kenyan industrialist and entrepreneur
  • Jemima Waitho: Kenyan singer and songwriter
  • Rosemary Waitho: Kenyan journalist and media personality
  • Levi Waitho: Kenyan Pastor, founder of the Levi Waitho Ministries.
  • Mason Waitho: Kenyan rugby union player
  • Tonny Waitho: Kenyan film and theatre director, actor and writer
  • Paul Waitho: Kenyan actor and entertainer
  • Kevin Waitho: Kenyan football player
  • Francis Waitho: Kenyan politician and former political prisoner

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