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Surname Waitman - Meaning and Origin

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Waitman: What does the surname Waitman mean?

The last name ‘Waitman’ is of English origin and has several possible meanings. The most likely is derived from the Old English phrase ‘waite man’, meaning ‘watchman’ or ‘guard’, indicating that an ancestor of the family was employed in a role similar to that of a security guard or watchman. It may also have derived from the Middle English phrase ‘waite man’, which meant ‘wagoner’, perhaps indicating that a distant relative worked as a wagon driver.

The name can also be found in Scotland, where it has a different origin. In this case, it likely derives from the Gaelic phrase ‘Goidhimh’, which means ‘whelper’. This could point to an earlier interpretation of the name as a reference to someone involved in the breeding of dogs.

No matter its origin, the family name Waitman is a vivid reminder of the past, carrying with it stories of those who came before. Whether a watchman, a wagoner, or a whelper, this name speaks to the depth of history and the remarkable journey of those who have borne its name.

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Waitman: Where does the name Waitman come from?

The last name Waitman is not a particularly common name today. It is most common predominantly in the United States, although smaller quantities of the name may be present in other countries.

In the US, the most concentrations of the name Waitman are in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. In 2018, the most abundant city with this name was San Francisco, California, with over two hundred individuals reported to have the last name Waitman. Additionally, there were also concentrations of the name present in the states of Ohio, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

The name has been present in the US since colonial times. In 1790, the first Waitman family had settled in Pennsylvania with the surname Waitman. The family was originally from Berlin, Germany and migrated to Pennsylvania due to religious persecution. This family was the first known to have the surname, and the name has maintained its presence over the centuries.

Today, the name Waitman is still present in the United States, and small concentrations may be present in other countries, too. It does not, however, hold the same prominence it had in the past, particularly in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

Variations of the surname Waitman

Waitman is a variant surname which has a number of different spellings and alternative surnames. It is a surname that has German roots and has a meaning of 'waiter' or 'servant'. Many people with this surname can trace their ancestry back to Germany.

The surname Waitman has a number of different spellings, including 'Watman', 'Wetman', 'Vaitman', 'Waitmann', 'Weitman' and 'Weitmann'. Variants of this surname have also become Anglicized to 'Wait', 'Waite', and 'Weite'.

The alternative surnames of Waitman include 'Weissman', 'Vaytman', 'Veitmann', 'Voytman', 'Vaitman', 'Watmann', and 'Watte'. These surnames are all of a similar origin and come from the German word 'Wachtmeister', meaning 'waiter' or 'guardian'.

Waitman is not a very common surname, but it is still found in many different places, both in America and Germany. People with the surname Waitman, or any of its variants, are likely to be related and share a common ancestor. A search through genealogical records may help to confirm this.

Famous people with the name Waitman

  • Elizabeth Waitman: An Australian-born actress known for her work on the Australian television show Neighbours.
  • Hal Waitman: A professional American Football player who played defensive tackle for the New York Jets in the NFL.
  • Luke Waitman: A professional Australian Football player who played for the Melbourne Demons at the AFL.
  • M. G. Waitman: A major-general in the United States Marine Corps and served as commanding general of the Marine Corps Installations West.
  • Scott Waitman: An American Film and TV composer and known for his film scores in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, as well as an Emmy-award winning score for AMC's Breaking Bad.
  • Everett Waitman: A singer and songwriter who has written numerous top-charting country songs, and won the 2019 ACMA Song of the Year award.
  • Joe Waitman: A popular stand-up comedian who has appeared on numerous late night television shows, including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  • Jordan Waitman: An American sports broadcaster and commentator who was the color analyst for the Phoenix Suns for four years.
  • Peder Waitman: A Swedish entrepreneur who founded the well-known chain of restaurants, Waitman’s Steak House.
  • Yvonne Waitman: A prominent British politician who served as the Secretary of Transportation from 1998 to 2000.

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