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Surname Wakeman - Meaning and Origin

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Wakeman: What does the surname Wakeman mean?

The surname Wakeman is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is an occupational name for a watchman or a guard. It is derived from the Old English pre 7th Century "wac(i)an" meaning "to watch or guard" and "mann" for "man". So combined, the name translates to "watchman". It was used to refer to individuals who held positions such as a night watchman in a town or city, or someone tasked with protecting a particular property, especially during the nighttime. As per early medieval England custom, every township was required to maintain watch and ward. People fulfilling such duties were designated as "Wakemen". Over time, the name became hereditary, passed down through generations. Variations of this surname include Wakeman, Wakman, Wake, Wakeham, Waikham, and others, with the earliest known records dating back to 13th century England. The name was spread across England and later other English-speaking countries through migration. This surname has its significant presence in England and the United States of America.

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Wakeman: Where does the name Wakeman come from?

The last name Wakeman is a predominantly British surname. It is most commonly found in England, Scotland, and Wales. It has been recorded in the dictionaries since the late 14th century, and it is believed to have first been used in Cheshire. The Wakeman family name is derived from the Old English word 'wacu', which means watchman or sentry.

Since then, the Wakeman surname has spread further throughout the British Isles and beyond. It is presently most common in England, where it ranks at 5,658 out of a total of around 44,000 surnames. It is also fairly common in Scotland, where it ranks 8,395 out of the total of around 7,000 surnames. In Ireland, the Wakeman surname is less common but still present, ranking 4,940 out of a total of around 7,000 surnames.

The Wakemans have also crossed the pond and can now be found scattered throughout the United States. The 2000 US Census showed the Wakeman surname to be the 4,327th most common surname in the US, with the highest concentrations found in the states of California, New York, and Texas.

The Wakeman surname is also present in Canada, especially in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. It is also present in some countries in Europe, such as Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Variations of the surname Wakeman

The surname Wakeman has a variety of variants, spellings and surnames, all of which have the same origin. Some of the more common spellings of Wakeman are Wakeman, Wakmen, Wakeenn, Waken, and Wakman.

The surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, which means that it was first found in Britain or Ireland. It is believed to have been derived from the name of an ancestor meaning "watchman" or "guardian".

The various spelling variations and variants of the surname Wakeman are Wakim, Wakemin, Wakemane, Wakemen, Wakeemn, Wekeman, Wakeman, Wokeman, Wakman, and Waken.

Variations of the surname Wakeman include Wakefield, Wakenham, and Wokenham. Other variants include Weykenham, Wykinham, Waikman, Waakeman, and Weakenham.

Wakeman is also the name of several places, including Wakeman Township in Lorain County, Ohio, Wakeman, Ohio, Wakeman, Massachusetts, Wakman, Alberta, Canada, Wakeman Corner, Oklahoma, and Wakman River, Australia.

The surname Wakeman is an ancient British–Anglo-Saxon one, and is shared by many around the world. It is a proud and distinguished surname, and those who bear it should be proud of their family's history and heritage.

Famous people with the name Wakeman

  • Rick Wakeman: musician, producer, and composer from England best known for his work with progressive rock band Yes.
  • Anne Wakeman: daughter of Rick Wakeman and a former beauty queen who is now a television presenter.
  • David Wakeman: Rick Wakeman's eldest son and owner of the management company Who Cares?
  • Ben Wakeman: Rick Wakeman's youngest son and a recording engineer.
  • Catherine Wakeman: one of Rick Wakeman's daughters and former singer-songwriter.
  • John Wakeman: eldest brother of Rick Wakeman and an editor and producer for the British television station ITV.
  • Jocelyn Wakeman: youngest sister of Rick Wakeman, fashion designer, and former model.
  • Rebecca Wakeman: daughter of Rick Wakeman and keyboardist for the British rock group McFly.
  • Alan Wakeman: British saxophonist and jazz musician.
  • Richard Wakeman: former mayor of Des Plaines, Illinois and CEO of the hospital IT consultancy S&L Consulting.

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