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Surname Walbrecht - Meaning and Origin

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Walbrecht: What does the surname Walbrecht mean?

The last name Walbrecht is of German origin. It is derived from the German words Wald (meaning wood or forest) and brecht, meaning broken land. This literally translates to mean "woods or forest that was broken up and divided".

The Walbrecht surname may have derived from a nickname used to describe someone who lived in an area that had been recently divided or cleared for settlement. It could also have meant someone who was involved in building, such as an engineer or surveyor, or a blacksmith or carpenter who lived in such an area.

The Walbrecht surname is an occupational name given when people moved into a new area and needed a way to identify themselves. This type of surname was typically passed down through the generations, being passed from father to son.

Walbrecht could also have come from a family with a long history of living in and working in wooded areas. Those with the surname may have been farmers, foresters, woodcutters, lumberjacks or similar occupations.

Regardless of its origin, the Walbrecht surname still exists today and can be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world. No matter where you might find the Walbrecht surname, it definitely carries the history of the area where it originated.

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Walbrecht: Where does the name Walbrecht come from?

The last name Walbrecht is most commonly found in Germany today. It can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, and was recorded in various regions of Germany from the 14th century onwards. It has since spread all across the country, with many German-speaking areas seeing it become popular throughout their communities.

Walbrecht as a surname can also be found in some parts of eastern Europe, most notably in former German-speaking regions of Poland such as Pomerania. The name is also found in some emigrant communities of German origin in North and South America, and even in Australia. There are also mentions of it in the United Kingdom and France, although it is much rarer.

Walbrecht is not an uncommon surname, according to the 2016 national census it had over 45,000 individual occurrences with about 3,200 households in Germany alone, where it remains the 40th most popular surname. In comparison, it ranks globally as the 5,092nd most common name, but the popularity varies from region to region.

Variations of the surname Walbrecht

The surname Walbrecht is of German origin and is derived from the personal name Walbrecht. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for this name include Wallbrect, Wallbrecht, Wallbreckt, Walbrekt, Wallbrekjt, Walbrekht, Walbreckht, Walbreckte, Walbrekhe, Wallbrekhe, Walbrekhte, Walbrechte, Walbrech, Walbrecke, Wallbrecke, Walbreke, and Walbrechts.

The Walbrecht surname can be found throughout Europe today, especially in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. This surname is particularly common in northern Germany, where it is the 36th most common name. It is also very common in the Netherlands, where it is the 15th most common name. In Denmark, it is the 54th most common name.

The first recorded spelling of the Walbrecht surname dates back to the 13th century in Germany. It was listed as ‘Walbrecht’ in the ‘Dictionary of German Names’ from 1200-1500 A.D. In 1293, a Cunrad Walbrecht was recorded in the ‘Documente der Zunft Regensburg’ and in 1375, a Jurgen Walbrecht was recorded in the ‘Guild of Hamburg’. The first person to use the surname as a hereditary title was John Walbrecht who was granted the title of Count of Wolfenbüttel in 1554.

The variants, spellings, and surnames of same origin for the name Walbrecht represent the broad range of people who have used the name throughout Europe’s history. It has been popular in multiple countries, from Germany to the Netherlands to Denmark. Despite the changes over time, the name will remain an important part of European history.

Famous people with the name Walbrecht

  • Roberts Walbrecht: a professional US basketball player.
  • George Walbrecht: an American Major from the World War II era.
  • Paul W. Walbrecht: an American football player who was active during the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Fred Walbrecht: a German painter.
  • Johanna Walbrecht: a documentary filmmaker from Germany.
  • Friederike Walbrecht: a German gymnast who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • Christopher Walbrecht: an American drummer and educator.
  • Ryan Walbrecht: a professional US weightlifter.
  • Otto Walbrecht: a German painter and printmaker.
  • Hans-Michael Walbrecht: a Deutsche Akademie für Fußball-Kunst laureate.

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