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Surname Walkup - Meaning and Origin

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Walkup: What does the surname Walkup mean?

The last name Walkup is of English origin. It is an occupational name derived from the old English word “wealceop” meaning a “builder of walls” or a mason. The Walkup surname is thought to have first emerged during the Middle Ages and to have gradually spread across England, particularly to areas around the cities of Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

The Walkup surname first appeared in early English records in the county of Durham in 1271. Here, it was recorded in the “Curia Regis Rolls” which documented cases brought before the King’s Court. In this instance, a certain Walkeup is recorded to have been summoned to appear before the court and answer for unspecified offenses.

The Walkup surname is quite rare in the United States and is recorded to be most commonly found in the states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio. This suggests that the Walkup family likely immigrated to the United States during the colonial era of the 1700s.

Overall, the Walkup surname has been in existence for well over 700 years and is a lasting legacy of the Middle Ages and the Norman Conquest. Its evolution and spread across the British Isles is a testament to the hardworking and entrepreneurial spirit of its original bearers.

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Walkup: Where does the name Walkup come from?

The last name Walkup can be found in many parts of the United States and in some parts of the world. In the United States, the most common locations with the surname Walkup are the states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas.

In Virginia, Walkup is the 74th most common surname. According to the US Census Bureau, there were over 7,500 people with the surname Walkup in Virginia in 2018. The city with the most people sharing the last name Walkup was Lynchburg.

In North Carolina, Walkup is the 100th most common surname. According to the US Census Bureau, there were over 6,600 people with the surname Walkup in North Carolina in 2018. The city with the most people sharing the last names Walkup was Greensboro.

In Texas, Walkup is the 558th most common surname. According to the US Census Bureau, there were over 3,000 people with the last name Walkup in Texas in 2018. The city with the most people with the last name Walkup was San Antonio.

Outside of the United States, the surname Walkup can also be found in the countries of England, Canada, and Australia. In England, Walkup is the 28,899th most common surname. In Canada, Walkup is the 11,084th most common surname. In Australia, Walkup is the 2,652nd most common surname.

Variations of the surname Walkup

The Walkup surname originates from the old English "Walcappe," meaning "dweller near a watch-tower." This surname is typically found in English and American records from early colonial times. Many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin have derived from this original form. Some of the variants of Walkup include Walkopp, Walkoppe, Walkeup, Walcup, Walkeupp, Walkup, Walkeape, Wallcup, Wallkupp, Wallkup, Walkuple, Walkupoe, Walkeap, Walkerup, Walkupie, and Walcuppe.

Other surnames that are related to Walkup include Wallker, Wallkerp, Wallkerping, Wallcap, Wallkeping, Wallkeping, Wallcap, Walkuppy, Walkerpoole, Walckerpoole, and Wallkepoe.

Additionally, there are spellings and dialectical variations of Walkup which can be traced to various areas. Variations in spelling can be found in records from Lancashire, England, such as Wawkeup, Wakeup, Walkarupp, Walkerup, and Walcupe. In Yorkshire, England, variants such as Walkeup, Wallkep, Wallkupp, Walecup, Wackleapp, and Wackeape are found.

In America, Walkup is spelled differently in various documents and records depending on the region, such as in Tennessee: Wollahup, Wallkhup, and Walecup; in North Carolina and Pennsylvania: Wallkerup, Walkeup, and Wollocup; and in Georgia: Walkeeup, Wallcupp, and Walkepp. There are also dialectic variations, such as in Maryland and Virginia, which spell it as Walcup.

Therefore, the Walkup surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, which vary depending on the region and country. With some research and consulting of the appropriate records, one can find the appropriate spelling for their particular branch of the family.

Famous people with the name Walkup

  • Aaron Walkup: professional golfer
  • Kaitlyn Walkup: former NASA IIP fellow
  • Jordan Walkup: professional basketball player
  • Emily Walkup: former US Paralympic swimmer
  • Matt Walkup: lifestyle and travel photographer
  • Mark Walkup: award-winning singer/songwriter
  • Carol Walkup: US diplomat
  • Taylor Walkup: singer/songwriter
  • Travis Walkup: professional soccer player
  • Traci Walkup: world champion horseshoe pitcher
  • Stephanie Walkup: collegiate swim coach
  • Michael Walkup: professional rodeo competitor
  • Bob Walkup: former mayor of Tucson, AZ
  • Jacob Walkup: former NCAA football coach
  • Eileen Walkup: Emmy Award-winning costume designer
  • Christina Walkup: former college basketball coach
  • Richard Walkup: former professional baseball player
  • Nick Walkup: former NFL wide receiver
  • Barry Walkup: former US Congressman
  • Jesse Walkup: professional long-distance runner

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