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Surname Walldock - Meaning and Origin

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Walldock: What does the surname Walldock mean?

The last name Walldock derives from a German and Jewish surname, although there has been speculation that it is of English origin. The name is likely a combination of the two words "Wall" and "Dock", and likely referred to a family who lived near a wall or dock.

In the German language the term walldock means a low wall built along a beach, riverbank, or dock, often to prevent flooding or provide security. Similarly, in a more ancient sense the English word "Dock" is derived from a Northern English word meaning "to enclose, to corner off," which in turn has led to the common administrative phrase of nominating a landholding as "dockland". Thus the Walldock surname would likely have come to denote a family who lived near a harbour or other enclosed waterside area, or a family who owned such land.

Historically, the name is connected to Prussia, Poland, and the Baltic Region, and references to a prominent family with the name Walldock are found as early as the 1700s. Further, records of the name have been uncovered in Hungary, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as the modern-day United States, which suggests that the family was well-traveled.

In conclusion, the last name Walldock is a combination of two german and english words which likely denoted a family who lived near an enclosed waterside area. Historically, this surname was connected to Prussia, Poland, and the Baltic Region and it can also be found in multiple other countries, which points to its international nature.

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Walldock: Where does the name Walldock come from?

Walldock is a Germanic surname and iscommon in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, and the United States. It is derived from the Old German words ‘wald’ (forest) and ‘dock’ (opinion). The given name Waldo is also derived from that same origin.

The surname is quite common today in the Netherlands, where a modern spelling of the surname, Woudekerk, is entered in the Dutch population register. It is also quite common in Germany, where the medieval form of the surname, Waldac or Waldadeck, is entered in the German population register.

Walldock is also quite common in South Africa, where the German settlers brought the name with them during the 19th century in the wake of the British colonial expansion in southern Africa. Of those German settlers, the smallest percentage was from the Netherlands.

In the United States, the Walldock surname is most common in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, and California. It is likely that these states had prolific German immigration during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In Belgium, the surname is commonly found in the Netherlands-speaking region of Flanders, where the Dutch name is often spelled Woudekerk.

In the United Kingdom, it is rare but there are occasional instances where the name is found. A record of the name can be found in the Oberbank banking service, though it is likely a one-off occurrence due to migration from continental Europe in recent centuries.

Variations of the surname Walldock

The surname Walldock is derived from the old Anglo-Saxon language. It is commonly believed to be of local origin, deriving from places such as Walldocke in Bedfordshire or Waldoc near Oxfordshire.

Variant spellings and surnames for Walldock include Walldoch, Walldox, Walldogue, Waldoch, Waldock, Waldogge, Waldog, Waldoge, Waldoghe, Waldox, Waldom, Woldock, Woldoch and Woldogge.

Walldock may be a derivative of the adopted surname Waland, derived from the Old English words 'wealh' meaning 'Foreigner' and 'and' meaning 'end or boundary'. Thus, Waland may denote someone who guarded a foreign boundary or district. This practice was adopted in the medieval period after the Norman Conquest when large numbers of people were displaced.

Other related surnames with similar meanings and origins include Walland, Wallendorf, Wallendfeld, Wendling, Wending, Wallendorf and Wandling.

The surname Walldock is found in numerous records spanning back a number of centuries, with early records including John Walldoch in Lancashire in 1278, Annette Waldogge in Suffolk in 1327 and Gilbert Waldoch in Yorkshire in 1520.

The name has spread to other parts of the world, including the United States. Records show that James Waldock arrived in Pennsylvania in 1733. By the mid-19th century, the name had become more widespread in America. Records for the same period show that the name had spread to Australia, where John Walldock settled in Victoria in 1854.

Famous people with the name Walldock

  • Karrie Walldock: Karrie is an American singer and actress who has landed mainstream success with her releases "Can I," "Show 'Em," and "Bottom of the Bottle."
  • Sarah Walldock: Sarah is an American model and actress, known for her roles in films such as Afternoon Delight, Ready to Rumble, and the television show Reno 911.
  • Jamie Walldock: Jamie is an American reality television star, best known for appearing in the hit MTV show “The Real World.”
  • Brian Walldock: Brian is an American actor known for his voice roles in the animated series Pinky and The Brain, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Animaniacs.
  • Curt Walldock: Curt is an American writer, best known for his books Stormwitch and The Book of Secrets.
  • Cassandra Walldock: Cassandra is an American professional volleyball player, who has competed for the United States National Team in the Olympics and other international tournaments.
  • Becky Walldock: Becky is an American radio and television broadcaster, best known for her appearances on programs such as Good Morning, America, and Good Morning World.
  • Nate Walldock: Nate is an American musician, composer, and music producer. He has written and produced music for film, television, and video games.
  • Matt Walldock: Matt is an American artist and sculptor known for his work in the horror genre, particularly his pieces featuring monsters and zombies.
  • Rebecca Walldock: Rebecca is an American author, best known for her children’s book series about a magical, underwater world.

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