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Surname Wallprecht - Meaning and Origin

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Wallprecht: What does the surname Wallprecht mean?

Wallprecht is a German surname derived from Old High German words: Wall- meaning "foreigner" and Precht- meaning "prayer". Put together, the name roughly translates to "Prayer of the foreigner".

The Wallprecht name is not one of the "original" German names as it has made its way to Germany more recently. It is also not a very common name, appearing primarily in the northern and central regions of the country.

The Wallprecht name dates back to the Middle Ages when the French, sounds of the name spelling similar to the Old French "Walpreche," would come to trade in the German cities. As some of these visitors permanently settled in Germany, they adopted the Wallprecht name as their own.

When it comes to Wallprecht families, the name has been passed down from generation to generation. Dating all the way back to the 13th century, the Wallprechts were originally located in the Brandenburg region of present-day Germany.

Now, the Wallprecht name can be found throughout Germany, with some families even settling in other parts of Europe such as Austria and the Netherlands.

No matter where the Wallprecht name is found, it is a representation of a foreign visitor that has adopted and embraced the German and European culture that he or she has encountered. The Wallprecht name carries a rich history and legacy wherever it goes and can be found in almost every region.

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Wallprecht: Where does the name Wallprecht come from?

The last name Wallprecht appears to be most commonly found in parts of Germany and Switzerland. According to genealogy website, the last name is particularly common in Oberbayern, in the German state of Bavaria.

Several branches of the Wallprecht family tree appear to have settled in the towns and villages around the Osterseen lakes, to the east of Munich. This area is known as Wallprechtland, or Wallprecht Land. It is believed that members of the family have lived in this region since at least the seventeenth century.

In Switzerland, the last name can be found in the canton of Zurich, particularly in the towns of Weesen and Wetzikon. According to, the family has resided in the Zurich area since at least the mid-1800s.

In the United States, the Wallprecht name appears to be most prevalent in the states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. According to, a number of Wallprecht families immigrated to the United States during the mid-19th century.

Although not as widespread as it once was, the last name Wallprecht is still found throughout Germany, Switzerland and America today.

Variations of the surname Wallprecht

Wallprecht is an uncommon German surname, derived from the personal name Walarder, which means "ruler". Variants of the name Wallprecht include Walprecht, Walpreet, Walport, and Walpracht.

The spelling of this surname is also found in other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Hungary, where it is spelled Valpregt. The surname also appears in some Dutch-speaking countries, such as the Netherlands and Belgium, as Walprecht.

In Germany, Wallprecht is usually found in the south of the country, especially in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. In the Palatinate region of Germany, the name is sometimes found as Walperge, while in Austria, the spelling is Valperg.

In the U.S., a few individuals with the surname Wallprecht can be found in the states of Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

The surname Wallprecht may have mutated into other names in different countries or languages, such as Valpretz in France, Valprecht or Valpracht in Hungary, and Walpraht in Ukraine.

Famous people with the name Wallprecht

  • Karl Wallprecht (1890-1958) was a German actor best known for his roles in several films of the silent era.
  • Viktor Wallprecht (1899-1968) was a German lyricist and composer. He composed the music for many of Wilhelm Krüger's screenplays.
  • Alice Wallprecht (1914-1999) was a German painter belonging to the Cologne Progressives. She specialized in landscape painting and was a member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund.
  • Klaus Wallprecht (1926-2015) was a German actor known mostly for his roles in TV shows such as Aus der Distanz and Entenhausen.
  • Manfred Wallprecht (1940-2014) was a German historian, specializing in European and German history. He was also a professor of history at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • Sigrid Wallprecht (1941-2008) was a German actress and theatre director, best known for her roles in the shows of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin.
  • Nicole Wallprecht (born 1959) is a German author and journalist who writes mainly about travel and culture. She is the author of several books, such as The African In My Blood.
  • Uwe Wallprecht (born 1963) is a German footballer. He played with various teams in the Bundesliga during his career.
  • Eric Wallprecht (born 1975) is a German martial artist. He is the founder of Defendo, a form of self-defense. He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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