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Surname Wallther - Meaning and Origin

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Wallther: What does the surname Wallther mean?

The surname Wallther is of German origin and is thought to be derived from the words "wal" and "ther," which can be translated to "ruler of the forest." Historically, this surname is believed to have been given to people who lived in the forests of Germany and acted as stewards or rulers of the land. The word "ther" has also been linked to a Viking or Anglo-Saxon background, implying a warrior or noble hero.

The Wallther family name has evolved over the centuries, often taking on different spellings depending on the country. In Germany, Wallther is often seen as Waalther, Waelthen, Waelther, Welther, and Walther, among other variations.

Today, individuals with this surname continue to be viewed as strong, independent, and resourceful. In Germany specifically, Wallther tends to be associated with a wealthy upper-class family. People who share this surname are often respected for their strength and loyalty, and for their willingness to protect and defend what they hold dear.

Furthermore, many Wallthers have become successful in business, especially in the areas of banking, finance, and engineering. This name is still very much alive in both Germany and the United States, where many individuals, ranging from politicians to athletes, proudly bear the surname.

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Wallther: Where does the name Wallther come from?

The surname Wallther is most commonly found in Germany, with some prevalence in Russia, the Ukraine, France, and other parts of Europe. According to statistics from, Wallther is the 1159th most common surname in Germany, out of the over 215,000 listed. The name also appears in North America, where it has steadily increased in popularity. The name Wallther is common in both the United States and Canada, although it is important to note that a variety of spellings exist. In some cases, it could be spelled with a "v" as "Vallther."

In the United States, Wallther is found mainly throughout the Midwest, with hotspots of popularity in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. According to records from the 1990 U.S. census, the name is concentrated in the states of Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Saskatchawen, and Ontario. Also, in the last estimated census released in 2016, Wallther was the 983rd most popular surname in Canada.

Overall, the Wallther surname is found in many countries, with a strong presence in Germany, the United States, Canada, and other European countries. While the name is not classified as super widespread, there is a good chance that it can be found in many societies around the world.

Variations of the surname Wallther

Wallther is a surname of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word "walther" and Old German "walt" which mean "ruler". This surname has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Variants of the Wallther surname include Walther, Walt, Walte, Waller, Wallers, Valters, Valtress, and Valtress.

The spelling variations of Wallther include Wallther, Walther, Walther, Walthe, Walthers, Waltherson, Walters, Walltee, Vallther, and Valtress.

Surnames of the same origin include Wallerstein, Walthert, Bernthal, Valetin, Wallerstedt, and Waltham.

Wallther is a relatively common surname in Germany and many people with this surname have migrated to other countries, especially the United States, where it is still fairly common. Its variants and spellings can be found across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Listed below are some historical records of the Wallther surname:

1400 in Munich/Bavaria, Germany, Hans Walther –1472, 1399 in Basel, Switzerland, Katie Walther 1410, 1589 in Monheim, Germany, Johannes Walther, 1627 in Kaufbeuren, Germany, Evangelist Walther 1692, 1715 in Old Kirche and Oberlin, Germany, Conrad Walthe and circa 1820 Hans Waller in Mannheim, Germany.

Famous people with the name Wallther

  • Dr. Richard Walter Wallther: German astronaut who flew on two Space Shuttle missions.
  • Bob Wallther: Winner of the 1961 National Spelling Bee championship; educator.
  • Melissa Wallther: Brazilian actress and comedienne who starred in the soap opera O Clone.
  • Paul Wallther: German mathematician and philosopher who wrote numerous books on metaphysics.
  • Claus Wallther: Danish film director and Oscar nominee for his film, The Kingdom.
  • Mette Wallther: Danish actress best known for her role in the 2018 Danish-language film The Guilty.
  • Maria Wallther: Argentinian writer and actress, known for her novel Amarillo.
  • Lena Wallther: Swedish actress known for her role in the Emmy-winning series Biblical Mysteries.
  • Rosa Wallther: German operatic soprano who has performed with the Bavarian Radio Choir.
  • Tyler Wallther: American actor, most famous for his role in the television series Teen Wolf.

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