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Surname Wareing - Meaning and Origin

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Wareing: What does the surname Wareing mean?

The surname Wareing is of Old Norse origin. It evolved from the personal name 'Varingr', which is derived from 'var'- meaning 'sea' and 'eng'- 'meadow'. Eventually, it transformed into Wareing. The name arrived in England following the Viking invasions of the late 8th century and became popular in particular in Lancashire where Viking influences were strong. Thus, it is an early medieval English surname, typically a patronymic name. It is a unique example of a developed surname which, over the centuries, formed various spellings including Waring, Wareing, Wearing, and Warring. As with many old names, the spelling variations sometimes happened even within the families themselves due to a general lack of standardized spelling in early documents. While the surnames are a way of distinguishing individuals, they also provide a glimpse into the individual's lineage, profession or geography.

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Wareing: Where does the name Wareing come from?

The last name Wareing is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. It was first recorded in record keeping in the early 1700s in Kent, England, when it belonged to a prominent family. From there, it spread to London and other areas in England.

Today, it is estimated there are around 11,000 people with the Wareing surname living in the UK, with the greatest concentrations of the family being in the counties of Lincolnshire, Lancashire, and West Yorkshire. This surname is predominantly a British one, with only a few families with the name being found elsewhere in the world, particularly in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Among the notable members of the Wareing family are composer Arthur Wareing, football player Lee Wareing, and 19th-century English cricketer John Wareing.

Variations of the surname Wareing

The surname Wareing is an interesting one, as it has many varied spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the more common variants of Wareing include Warring, Weirring, Wearing, Wearring, Wearning, Warrend, Worrend, Wehring, Wearwing, Warwing, and Waring. In Scotland, the surname is sometimes spelled Warrand, Warran, Warrine, Werran, Werring, Werrand, Worrand, or Wairand.

In England, the surname Wareing is often found spelt Wearing, Wearin, Weyrin, Wearning, Womaning, Wearwine, Warwine, Wernine, Woorning, Worning, Warnin, Warying, and Wararing. In Germany, some variations of the name are Wehrung, Warring, Wehring, Webering, Webering, and Wohring. In Scandinavia, some related surnames include Verring, Varing, Valröyning, Werring and Verneryng.

In the United States and Canada, the surname is typically spelled Wareing, however, some variations include Wearing, Warring, Wearning, Wearinger, Wirin, Wearingen, Warriner, Warrining, Waringer, Wairing, Warings, Wariners, Werners, Werrings, Waringings, Warings, Warnins, and Warrening.

Overall, there are numerous different spellings, variants, and related surnames of the same origin as Wareing. While spelling variations are not uncommon in this surname, it is important to keep in mind that not all the variations listed above may be related, and the exact origin of the surname can be difficult to determine.

Famous people with the name Wareing

  • John Wareing: British actor known for his roles in the TV series Casualty, EastEnders and Holby City.
  • Tom Wareing: British ex-professional footballer who played for Manchester United and Millwall.
  • Peter Wareing: British author and speaker; known for his book The Power of Positive Thinking.
  • Mary Jo Wareing: American politician who served as a Missouri State Senator from 2006-2008.
  • Gordon Wareing: British businessman and former politician who served as a Conservative member of the House of Commons from 1959-1992.
  • Robert Wareing: English professor of philosophy at Kings College London.
  • Amy Wareing: British artist and printmaker, known for her prints of animals and landscapes.
  • Leslie Wareing: British actor and composer; known for his roles in Yeoman of the Guard and Love and Marriage.
  • Gavin Wareing: British film producer; known for directing the television feature film The Counterfeit Constable.
  • Jo Wareing: English jazz vocalist, known for her albums, such as Southpaw Serenade and Here I Go Again.

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