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Surname Waymouth - Meaning and Origin

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Waymouth: What does the surname Waymouth mean?

The last name Waymouth is of English origin and comes from the Old English topographic name for a settlement by the road (waeg + hoh) or a homestead near a ford (waeg + frithu). The name was mainly found in the southwestern part of England, particularly in the county of Somerset.

Originally, the name was spelled Wegmund as a single word, according to records found in ancient documents. It is suggested that the people with this name descended from the Norman race who arrived in England after 1066. Historically, the Waymouth family name was associated with the occupation as farmers and merchants in sellable goods.

In modern day, the Waymouth surname is still commonly used. It is often found in the city of Yeovil in the county of Somerset as well as Bath, Bristol, Manchester, and London. It can also be found in North America, where some its members emigrated in the 16th and 17th centuries in search of better living and economic conditions.

The Waymouth surname connotes strength, stability, and resilience, as the families with this name have been able to withstand the vicissitudes of life over the centuries. In the present day, those who carry on the tradition of the Waymouths are to attempt to continue this legacy of these hardy pioneers through their achievements and contributions.

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Waymouth: Where does the name Waymouth come from?

The last name Waymouth is most commonly found in Australia today. According to the 2016 Australian Census, there were over 450 people who listed Waymouth as their last name. The history of this surname in Australia dates back to the early 1800s when some of the earliest Waymouth settlers arrived. Most of these settlers were convicts who were sentenced to transportation to the penal colonies of Australia.

The Waymouth surname is also found in other countries in Europe and North America, although it is not as common. Specifically, there is a larger presence in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Norway. Throughout the past centuries, the name Waymouth has spread from the countries of origin to other places in Europe and even North America as some of the Waymouth family members migrated in search of new opportunities and better lives.

Today, the Waymouth surname continues to be a relatively common surname in Australia; however, many of the Waymouth families have spread widely across the world. The Waymouth family can now be found in nearly every corner of the globe.

Variations of the surname Waymouth

The Waymouth surname is an English and likely Cornish name, derived from a place name meaning “outlying farmstead by the sea”. It is most commonly spelled as Waymouth, but other variants include Waymoth, Waymouthe, Wemuth, Weymouth, and Weymot. The surname is found mostly in the southwestern United Kingdom, especially in Cornwall and Devon. Other variants of the surname are Weymouth, Weymouths, Weymots, Wemoths, and Wymouthe.

The name dates back to the 15th century, when it was found in the form of Wyemouthe in the Devon Lay Subsidy Rolls. In the 16th century, John Waymoute and Martin Waymouth were recorded in the baptismal register of St Keverne in Cornwall in 1590 and 1592 respectively. In 1891, the Waymouth surname was found in Devon with the highest concentration in South Tawton.

The name is also found in Scotland, and in the United States, mainly in Massachusetts and New York. Weymouth, derived from Waymouth, is the name of numerous towns throughout the world, such as Weymouth, Dorset, UK, as well as Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States.

The Waymouth surname is still commonly found today. Variants are mostly found in the southwestern United Kingdom, Scotland, and the United States. With its origins being an outlying farmstead by the sea, the Waymouth surname is fitting for its many locations today.

Famous people with the name Waymouth

  • Pete Waymouth: an American keyboardist, singer, and composer known for his work with Pink Floyd.
  • Ruth Waymouth: a British artist and printmaker who worked in theatre design.
  • Ann Waymouth: a British costume designer who worked on television dramas.
  • Terence Waymouth: a British actor and director, best known for his role opposite John Cleese in the movie Clockwise.
  • Thomas Waymouth: an American art historian and curator, specializing in Italian art and culture
  • Michael Waymouth: a British writer and illustrator, best known for his books and comics.
  • Ian Waymouth: an English writer and actor, best known for writing works on the history of British television, drama, and comedy.
  • Jack Waymouth: an American musician, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Gary Waymouth: an Australian actor who has appeared in television shows such as Neighbours and Home and Away.
  • Stephen Waymouth: an American composer, conductor, and music producer.

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