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Surname Weelock - Meaning and Origin

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Weelock: What does the surname Weelock mean?

The last name Weelock is an English topographic surname, meaning a person who lived near a 'lock' or canal-lock. A lock was a way of keeping the water able to flow for navigation, and was a notable engineering achievement constructed as far back as Ancient Egypt and was a major tool for controlling river traffic.

The Weelock surname is believed to be derived from the French surname Vielocque, which later gained the variant spellings of Weelock and Whealock. Its modern spelling has a phonetic resemblance to the occupational name "Wheeler," which is derived from the Middle English word “weeler” meaning “carrier of goods.”

The Weelock name is linked to several other English surnames, such as Willcock, Weelen, Wheelan, and Wheldon. These names have similar roots and are believed to have spread into multiple locations across England and become established in different regions.

Weelock is a rare name, with fewer than ten individuals found with the name in modern records. As an English topographic surname, the Weelock family likely had a long-established relationship with the environment around them and their name gives hints to their rich history.

Weelock: Where does the name Weelock come from?

The last name Weelock is most commonly found in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It is also present in some parts of the United States, specifically New England and the Upper Midwest.

Weelock originated as a habitational surname from a place called Wellekek, located in the French region of Normandy. The place name is derived from the Old French wielle, meaning a puddle, and loc, meaning a small clearing.

According to records from the late 19th century, the Weelock surname was first found in Germany. It is also believed that the name originated in the region now known as the Netherlands and was brought to Canada during the period of French colonization in the late 1600s. Since then, the Weelock family has spread to various parts of the world.

In North America, the frequency of the Weelock surname is lower than average. About 0.0003% of the population has this surname in the United States and 0.0008% in Canada. The name is much more common in Europe, particularly in England where it ranks within the top 3,000 surnames.

Overall, the last name Weelock appears to have its origins in Europe but is now most commonly located in Canada and the northern United States. Although its presence in the United States and Canada is growing, the relatively small population with the Weelock surname indicates a unique and special heritage.

Variations of the surname Weelock

The surname Weelock is thought to have originated in North West England and has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Wheelock, Whealock, Wealock, Weeloch, Wheeleock, Weelok and Wilock.

Weelock is believed to derive from the two Old English words `weal` and `locc`. `Weal` meaning `mound` and `locc` meaning `lock`. This suggests that the surname could be topographical or geographical in origin from a place called Weelock which would be a settlement on or near a mound with locks.

The spelling variations of the surname Weelock also suggest a variety of dialects and regional influences throughout history which most likely began with the Anglo-Saxon invasions in the 5th century.

The various spellings of the surname suggest multiple origins. Other variants of the surname could have derived from names of Anglo-Saxon origin such as Weal@ (from the Old English words `wael` and `ae` meaning stream) or Wheal@ (from an old English word meaning `whale`.

The variants of the Weelock surname are also found in a variety of countries, particularly Scotland, England and Ireland. This is most likely due to migration of people with the same surname throughout the centuries due to political and economic reasons.

In conclusion, the surname Weelock is a complex one with many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. There is however evidence which suggests that the surname has multiple potential origins.

Famous people with the name Weelock

  • Wil Weelock, American Filipino musician
  • Nick Weelock, Canadian basketball player
  • Paul Weelock, Australian actor
  • Ali Weelock, American dancer and choreographer
  • Tony Weelock, British sculptor
  • Mike Weelock, American illustrator
  • Kate Weelock, British painter
  • Jen Weelock, Canadian author
  • Nicole Weelock, Canadian TV personality
  • Connor Weelock, American cycling enthusiast
  • Jenny Weelock, New Zealand singer
  • Kerri Weelock, American model
  • Gary Weelock, British sports reporter
  • Dave Weelock, Canadian radio host
  • Bob Weelock, American fitness instructor
  • Anne Weelock, Irish journalist
  • Tim Weelock, American animator
  • Jeni Weelock, Irish film director
  • Claras Weelock, English theatre director
  • Toni Weelock, German film editor

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