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Surname Weisphal - Meaning and Origin

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Weisphal: What does the surname Weisphal mean?

The last name Weisphal is of German or Jewish origin derived from the personal name Weisphael, which means “white guardian”. It is believed that the name came about when a person adopted the name and it stuck with his descendants for generations.

The name Weisphal is found in records dating back to as early as 1471 in the small town of Hallbergmoos located in Bavaria, Germany. Its early recorded bearers were highly respected in the small towns they lived in.

In the United States, the first Weisphal's to arrive was a man named Philip Weisphal in 1683 to Pennsylvania, though the spelling had changed from Weisphael to Weisphal. Phillip established himself and his family in a German-speaking area near Stony Lane in Philadelphia.

The name has since spread to other parts of the United States and remains a common surname among German Americans and Jews.

The Weisphal's are known for their loyalty and hard work, traits that have shaped many generations of this family and their contributions to their communities. Their strong sense of responsibility and devotion to their families has enabled many Weisphal's to find success in their chosen careers. As such, the Weisphal's represent a small but proud line of people who have left their positive mark on the history of the United States.

Weisphal: Where does the name Weisphal come from?

The last name Weisphal appears to have German roots, and is found predominantly in Germany and other nearby countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Most current people with this surname came from a branch of the Weisphal family tree that traces back to the mid-1500's. The majority of the Weisphal family still resides in Germany, with cities like Güttingen, Hamburg, Aachen, and Berlin having the highest concentration of those with this last name.

In recent years, people with this surname have also spread to other nearby countries, including Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In addition, immigration to the United States has caused this name to become more widespread. As of the 2020 United States census, people who were born with the name Weisphal numbered over 200. The majority of them are concentrated in California, New York, and Florida, with small pockets of Weispihals living in Illinois, Texas, and other states across the nation.

The internet has made it easier for those with the Weisphal surname to connect and network all over the world. In recent years, some of the larger Weisphal family branches have organized and held gatherings to celebrate their shared heritage. Through these meetups, family members have been able to reconnect and discover more about their common family roots.

Variations of the surname Weisphal

The surname Weisphal is of German-Jewish origin and its variants include Weishaupt, Weishäupl, Weishöfer, Weishoff, Weisfeld, Weisfelner, Weishofer, Weisfield, Weisfelt, and Weissel.

The spelling variations of Weisphal include Weishoupt, Weishap, Weishofer, and Weisphal. Variants of the same origin likely derive from a similar geographic area within Germany or Austria. It is also possible that the variants represent dialectical or patrimonial differences.

The spelling variations among Weisphal surnames reflect the cultural diversity prevalent during its evolution. Some spellings were likely influenced by French, Persian, and Hebrew scribes or translators. The original name was probably spelled "Weisphal" or something similar, though the Hebrew spelling, Weishaupt, may have emerged first.

Variations of Weisphal surnames have spread around the world through immigration or migration. Today, the surname is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the United States, Mexico, and South America. Although the surname has remained relatively rare over the centuries, its variants have adapted to many countries and cultures.

In the United States, the surnames Weishaupt and Weisphal are the most common variants. Variations that include "Weis" are more common in Mediterranean or Latin American countries. Variations that include "Feld," such as Weisfeld or Weisfield, are more common in Eastern Europe. Variations that include "Feldner," such as Weisfelner, are more commonly found in Jewish families.

Famous people with the name Weisphal

  • Aaron Weisphal: an American actor best known for his roles in What We Do in the Shadows (2020) and Escape Room (2019).
  • Dave Weisphal: an American professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Middleweight division of Bellator MMA.
  • Jennifer Weisphal: an American film and television actress best known for her roles in Two and a Half Men (2005-2015) and Criminal Minds (2004-2016).
  • Robert Weisphal: an American television and film actor who has appeared in such shows as Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2015-present).
  • Steven Weisphal: an American businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Weisenthal Media.
  • Stuart Weisphal: an American film and television composer who has composed music for such films as Master and Commander (2003) and King Kong (2005).
  • Vivian Weisphal: an American actress best known for her roles in the films Breaking Bad (2008) and Charmed (2018).
  • William Weisphal: an American mathematician and educator who is the author of several books on mathematics including Geometry, A High School Course (1989) and Math on Trial (1999).
  • Jens Weisphal: a German football player who has played for teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Greuther Fürth.
  • Don Weisphal: an American radio personality who co-hosts The Don and Mike Show on Sirius XM satellite radio.

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