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Surname Wettrick - Meaning and Origin

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Wettrick: What does the surname Wettrick mean?

The origin of the last name Wettrick is not fully known, but it is likely of German origin. The name is thought to be derived from the Middle High German term "wetter," meaning "weather," and "trick," meaning "strategy or trick." The name is believed to refer to a person or family who was good at predicting and outsmarting the weather, ultimately becoming successful farmers or fishermen.

The name Wettrick is fairly rare in the United States, but in Germany, it is much more common. There is even a village in Germany called Wettrick. In the early 1900s many people with this last name immigrated to the United States, often settling in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Wettrick last name is believed to embody the idea of a clever, resourceful, and thrifty person. Traditionally, those with the Wettrick last name are thought to possess a strong work ethic, intelligence, and a shrewdness for business. Many of the people who bear this name are said to have achieved success in some form. Whether it be as farmers, fishermen or even entrepreneurs, those with this last name are often thought to be hardworking and innovative people who can overcome any obstacle.

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Wettrick: Where does the name Wettrick come from?

The Wettrick surname is most commonly found in North America,especially in the United States,where it is believed to originally have come from Scotland in the 18th century.Most Wettrick family members live in Midwestern and Southern states,such as Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky,Missouri,South Carolina,Tennessee,Texas,and Wisconsin.

According to,the Wettrick surname is most common in the United States. It is also found in Germany and Canada in lesser numbers. Within the United States,the highest concentration of individuals with the Wettrick surname live in Indiana and Wisconsin,with smaller populations in Illinois,Missouri,Texas,and Tennessee,followed by other states.

The popular online genealogical database indicates that the Wettrick surname is also found in England,Scotland,the Netherlands, Australia,and New Zealand in small numbers.

In more recent years,the Wettrick surname can be found in the records of major United States financial companies,such as Goldman Sachs,Citibank,and JP Morgan,indicating that Wettrick family members have achieved success in the business and financial sectors.

Though the Wettrick surname is most commonly found in the United States,it has certainly spread throughout the world.With many family members achieving success and accomplishments in a variety of fields,the Wettrick family is sure to continue to thrive in the years to come.

Variations of the surname Wettrick

The surname Wettrick has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is Wettreich, which is the German spelling of the same last name. It can also be seen spelled as Wettrich, Wettrick, Wettrichs, Wettrich, and Wettrick. The surname is likely derived from the German word "wetter", meaning "the wet one".

The surname is also seen in other forms related to this, such as Wettering, Wettring, Wettel, Wetzel, and Wettman. This could be due to different interpretations of the original German word, as different dialects may have used different spellings for particular words.

Other surnames related to Wettrick include Wettwost, Wetthagen, Wetternacke, Wettereck, Wetterhahn, and Wettermann. On occasion, it can also be found spelled as Vetrick or Vetrack.

Another possible origin of the Wettrick surname is through the Scots-Irish name Wetreek. This spelling variation is more common in the United States than Australia. This name is derived from the Middle Scots or Northumbrian dialect word for a person from a Missouri River trading settlement.

In the Netherlands, the surname Wetterink can be seen. It is derived from the Middle Dutch words "wetter" meaning wet, and "inck" meaning inhabitant or person. This could indicate the original bearers of the name came from a wet or marshland area.

The surname Wettrick is found in different countries across the world, indicating the bearers of the name may have had a long and varied history.

Famous people with the name Wettrick

  • Greg Wettrick: Former baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals from 1996-2000
  • Stanley Wettrick: Award winning author, director and producer, known for his work on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Gladiator, and The Mummy
  • Chris Wettrick: Professional golfer, current member of the PGA Tour
  • Mike Wettrick: Former football coach and current university professor
  • David Wettrick: NBA basketball coach with the Utah Jazz
  • Ryan Wettrick: Professional snowboarder and Olympic bronze medalist
  • C. W. Wettrick: Author and publisher, best known for his book Cataclysm Earth
  • Linda Wettrick: Prominent businesswoman and philanthropist
  • Brent Wettrick: Recording artist and music producer
  • Alex Wettrick: Professional BMX athlete and three-time world champion

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