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Surname Whorlton - Meaning and Origin

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Whorlton: What does the surname Whorlton mean?

The last name Whorlton is of English origin, likely derived from an Old English place name with the elements 'wearh' meaning 'marshy hill' and 'tun' meaning 'enclosure.' It is likely that the surname originated in Devon, as the records of this name date back to the 16th century, when Edward Worthon of Devon was registered in the Subsidy Rolls.

The name Whorlton is also found in the United States, most significantly in Pennsylvania. Many records of individuals with the surname Whorlton in Pennsylvania appear in Land Records from the 18th century, indicating that the family likely settled in the area during the colonial period. Additionally, the Whorlton family appears in vital records of the time, providing further evidence of a long, local history in Pennsylvania.

Historically, many individuals with the surname Whorlton likely had occupations as farmers or craftsmen. Individuals with the surname Whorlton have also been known to have been in the military, operated businesses, or engaged in other types of commerce or trade.

Overall, the surname Whorlton is indicative of a long and unique family history stretching thousands of years, and has likely been present in Devonshire and Pennsylvania for centuries. Its roots in Old English place names reflect this history and add an even greater level of depth and complexity to its history.

Whorlton: Where does the name Whorlton come from?

The last name Whorlton is not common today, however, it can be found in parts of England, especially in the county of Durham. It is believed to be derived from the old English words, ‘worh’ (a dam) and ‘tun’ (a settlement). The first record of the name is believed to have been John de Whorltone, who was mentioned in records in Dalton, Durham in 1332.

The Whorlton family can also be traced further back in history with the emergence of the place name of Whorlton (now known as Whorlton-by-the-Sea) in the nineteenth century. The village is located on the Durham coast near Hartlepool.

The name Whorlton is also popular in countries such as Canada and the United States, albeit not as common as it is in England. Records of individuals bearing the Whorlton name have been found in various states such as Texas, Nebraska and Washington.

In terms of population today, the name Whorlton is not as common as some other popular surnames. However, it is still common enough to be retrieved via online databases and directories. Therefore, while it is somewhat rare in terms of population, the name Whorlton is still alive and present in many countries today.

Variations of the surname Whorlton

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Whorlton include Warltan, Warlton, Warleton, Warlten, Whorldon, Woorlynton, Wurlton, Worlen, Worleton, Worlin, and Worlington.

Whorlton is an English surname believed to be habitation or locational. The surname probably originated from a place name such as a village, hamlet, or manor. It was likely derived from the Old English words “waer,” meaning a dam or meadow, and “tun,” that means an enclosure or settlement. This is why it is thought to mean “the town near the dam or meadow.”

The earliest occurrence of the surname was found in 1286, when it was mentioned as “Warletun” in the North Yorkshire Hundred Rolls. The earliest known bearer of the name was William Warledune in 1325, found in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex. Those bearing the surname had their coat of arms registered with the College of Arms in 1842.

Whorlton has also been found in other parts of England, especially in the West Riding of Yorkshire and in the North Riding of Yorkshire, as well as in Dorset. The surname is still fairly common in the areas of East Yorkshire, Devon, and Westarts, and there are also several families of the name in America. It has been anglicized to versions like Wurlton, Warltan, Warlten, Warleton, and Warlton, and those bearing the name have established branches and family lines in other parts of England and beyond.

Famous people with the name Whorlton

  • Hollie Whorlton: British actress best known for her roles in BBC's "The Coroner", ITV's "Midsomer Murders", and Sky's "Sick Note".
  • Robert Whorlton: British Actor best known for his roles in ITV's "Coronation Street", "Law & Order UK", and the movie "The Collection".
  • Alicia Whorlton: British Actress best known for her roles in the BBC drama series "Lip Service" and "Death in Paradise".
  • George Whorlton: British Actor best known for his roles in "EastEnders", "Wire in the Blood" and "The Bill".
  • John Whorlton: British Actor best known for his role in the BBC period drama "Edward the Seventh".
  • William Whorlton: British Actor best known for his role in the hit BBC drama "Merlin".
  • Tom Whorlton: British Voice Actor best known for his role as Buck Doomsday in the adult animated series "Epic Quest".
  • Philip Whorlton: British Actor best known for his roles in the movies "The Ghoul" and "An American Werewolf in London".

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