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Surname Wilfong - Meaning and Origin

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Wilfong: What does the surname Wilfong mean?

The last name Wilfong is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German name "Wilfung." The name generally refers to descendants of Wilfung, usually the eldest son of a family. It can also be used to describe someone who comes from one of the places such as Wilfungen in Germany or Wilfong in the United States.

Wilfung is a Middle High German name and is derived from the word "wilf," which means "forest dweller." This could indicate that the original bearer of this name was a hunter, or perhaps someone who lived in or near a forested area. It is also possible that the name refers to a family that lived near a forest, perhaps as a symbol of their relationship to nature.

Wilfung is an old historical name associated with the Frankish and Germanic tribes. It has carried on through the centuries, inspiring many tales and legends as well as providing many families with a surname.

Today, Wilfong is still a popular last name, particularly in the United States. People who have this surname may give it proudly as a symbol of their Germanic heritage and family history. Some people with the Wilfong surname may also be associated with famous personalities from the past such as American politician and founder of the Farmer's Alliance in the United States, Joe Wilfong.

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Wilfong: Where does the name Wilfong come from?

The last name Wilfong is quite common today in the Midwestern and Southern United States. Most of the Wilfongs living there are concentrated in the Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky areas, as well as in parts of Tennessee, West Virginia, and even North Carolina. Additionally, Wilfong is a fairly popular surname among the Amish communities in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

The Wilfong surname is believed to be of English origin and may have arrived in the United States during the colonial period. It is also possible that the surname arrived with immigrants from mainland Europe in the 19th century when many people were coming to America for a better life. Over time, the Wilfongs have spread outward from their first New World homes in the Mid-Atlantic colonies on the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond.

The Wilfong family has a long history in the United States and is often associated with a strong sense of family values and community pride. This is supported by the many organizations and clubs affiliated with the Wilfong name, such as the Wilfong Family Association in Missouri and the Wilfong DNA Project at Family Tree DNA.

Today, the Wilfong family remains an active and visible part of life in many parts of the United States, and its members can be found living and working all over the country.

Variations of the surname Wilfong

The Wilfong surname is a distinct and uncommon surname that has a few variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Wilfong is an English surname derived from the pre-7th-century Old German "Willafuns," which means "resolute peacemaker," or "strong peace." Variants of the Wilfong surname include Wilfinger, Willfong, Wilfong, Wilfing, Wilfingers, Wilfung, and Wilfenger.

The original spelling of Wilfong is Willfon, which probably had its origin in an early form of Middle English. The surname is usually found in records from the 1700s and can be found in a range of both English and German records.

The surname also has a range of spellings including Wilfing and Wilfenger. The surname Wilfing is mainly related to the Francophone peoples of France and Germany, and the spelling Wilfenger is primarily found in German records.

The surname Wilfong also has some variants that are surnames of the same origin, such as Wilfinger, Willing, Wilfung, and Wilfingers. The surname Wilfinger is of Middle High German origin and probably derived from the personal name Willeke, meaning 'will-helmet'. Willing is an anglicized form of the German surname Wille, derived from the personal name Willem, meaning 'strong protector'. Wilfung is from a Middle High German form of Wilfing, meaning 'edge'. Wilfingers is an anglicized form of the German surname Wilfingers, derived from the personal name Wilfing, meaning 'edge.'

In conclusion, the Wilfong surname has some variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin including Wilfinger, Willfong, Wilfing, Wilfingers, Wilfung, and Wilfenger. These spellings and variations shed light on the long and diverse history of the Wilfong surname.

Famous people with the name Wilfong

  • J. P. Wilfong: An American doctor and member of the Georgia Congressional Delegation around 1977.
  • Russell Wilfong: A professional alpine ski racer from the United States who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Adam Wilfong: An American actor best known for his starring role in the critically acclaimed independent film "Resilience".
  • Brandon Wilfong: An American football safety for the UCF Knights.
  • Danny Wilfong: Co-founder and CEO of the American Internet television streaming service Sling TV.
  • Andy Wilfong: An award-winning digital media producer and director based in Los Angeles.
  • Harry Wilfong: An American former boxer, world middleweight champion from 1931 to 1932.
  • Ernie Wilfong: A former National Baseball League infielder who played one season with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Jean Wilfong: An American environmental advocate and a member of National Womens Political Forum and Nevada Environmental Council.
  • Ruth Wilfong: An American professional golfer.
  • Tom Wilfong: A former farmer from the United States who made a name for himself by creating a national movement in the late 1970s to encourage other farmers to plant corn to feed the hungry.

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